Leaning Wall Shelves Part 9: The Reveal!

The last post in this series–the leaning wall shelves are done! I couldn’t help staging them in other parts of my house before they went where they were built for:

Those are the prettier shots.  Now photos where they are serving their purpose as plant stands.  To give them credit, they will look better once I get something up on the walls by them and change out the blind for the darker bamboo one that I envision, but this will have to do for now:

I spray painted some plastic nursery pots I had kept from prior purchases so that they looked uniform on the stand.  If I had primed first, I probably could have sprayed them all, but I ran out of paint before I ran out of pots.  Then I ran out of frost-free nights, so I had to get the cuttings done before the plants were killed.  I guess that leaves another project for next year!

How do you think they turned out?  I am very, very happy with the result!

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Sawdust and Paper Scrap’s BuildHers Party

If you want to read detailed descriptions of the process of building these shelves, check out the Leaning Wall Shelves category.  It will pull up all the posts on this project.

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11 responses to “Leaning Wall Shelves Part 9: The Reveal!”

  1. Jan Grose says :

    Love the wall shelves. They’re versatile enough to be used most anywhere!


  2. Sandra says :

    It turned out really beautiful, thanks for linking up!


  3. Tricia says :

    I love them! Am thinking leaning wall shelves are now in my future, and for the same usage even!! :) thanks for all the time you take to post projects, love your site


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