The view from our “front” door {post 19} The entire cabinet build

I’m going to type up a post about the entire build process  for the laundry room cabinet and hutch so it is all in one place and in order.  I thought that the “Cabinet and hutch-laundry room” category might be helpful, but it doesn’t pull them up in order and if you only want to read about one part of the process, it is hard to know which post, and you have to scroll to find it.

So here goes:

Post 1: Before pics

And just because I am loving this before and after, please indulge me once more :)

Post 2: IDing the problems (what problems this remodel is attempting to solve)

Post 3: What I’ve got in mind (includes a Sketch Up model of this build and links to some very helpful Sketch Up tutorials if you want to learn more about this program.

Post 4: Cut plan that was actually used

Post 5: Painting with a foam roller, assembling the base & hutch, constructing the hutch back

Post 6: Back of hutch, glued and primed

Post 7: Pneumatic nail problems

Post 8: Face frames attached to base and hutch

Post 9: The Drawers

Post 10: Finishing the edges of plywood with wood filler and failed edgebanding attempts

Post 11: Drawer slides

Post 12: Drawer fronts

Post 13: Miter cuts on base molding

Post 14: Accurately cut out spot for electrical outlet in a built in

Post 15: Removing base molding from the walls

Post 16: Misc: Drilling shelf peg holes, Attaching the hutch to the base, Using plastic drawer glides for smoother drawer operation

Post 17: The Reveal!

Post 18: More pics

And there you have it!  Is this at all helpful for anyone???

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4 responses to “The view from our “front” door {post 19} The entire cabinet build”

  1. Denise says :

    This is so great! i just love it! Do you have the measurements for the cuts? I want to build two of these. One on each side of a window bench. I have never built anything, but you have inspired me!


  2. Pink Toes and Power Tools says :

    Hi Denise! Glad you are inspired by the project :) If this is your first project, I would encourage you to spend some time at She has some great free project plans and you can see how each one goes together with her Sketch Up models. That’s what I did with this project, but I then modified it to fit my needs. This was my third woodworking project, but my first really big piece of furniture. I don’t have an exact cut list because I generally draw up my plan and it gets modified as I go along. This post talks about a general cut plan, but it should only be used as a way to see how I plan out a project (it got changed as I went along)

    The plan I modified from Ana White is in this post:

    Good luck and welcome to the wonderful world of woodworking! Watch out–once you get finished with one project you won’t be able to stop!


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