Board & Batten {post 5} The reveal!

Done!  The board and batten is done!

I’m going to admit something other blogs may never do–I had an evening with a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach because I had most of it up and I wasn’t loving it.  Literally a sick stomach.  I was SO SO SO sure that I was going to be absolutely bonkers in love with this when I was done and I wasn’t feeling that.  It felt too busy in that smaller space, and I was thinking that maybe I should have stuck with just an accent wall of it.

But it was mostly up, so I completed it, caulked it, filled the nail holes, sanded, and painted.  And ate some Tums.  I was liking it better, but I was also afraid that I was just trying to talk myself into liking it.  Once I pulled up the blue tape on the floor I was feeling better about it.  I started clearing out the mess of tools and miscellaneous clutter that happens during a remodel and felt better yet.  Then I put the light switch covers back on and was well on the way to really liking it.

Remember what it looked like before:

And now:

Still haven’t decided on a solution for this:

You know those situations in the movies when there are really good friends who then realize they are starting to have stronger feelings than friendship, but they aren’t quite sure they are in love yet?  Well that’s where I am in my relationship with the board and batten.

I need to be away from it for awhile and then come home to it with a fresh perspective.  Then I’ll know if it’s like or love.

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Still to do: pick a paint color and paint above the board & batten, pictures for the walls, finish behind the washer/dryer, and a bench.

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33 responses to “Board & Batten {post 5} The reveal!”

  1. Heather says :

    I know the feeling! But, I’ve got to tell you I absolutely LOVE it. I think it will really grow on you. Beautiful work!


  2. Jaime says :

    Pink toes it’s beautiful. So classic and fresh. You’ve gone from builder grade boring walls to custom made loveliness all on a dime. I’m going to reference you back in my board & battan post but right now I’m dealing with a seriously wavy wall – need to plane some boards down.


  3. Pink Toes and Power Tools says :

    Thank you both! I was away from it for a few days and just came back, and I think it is growing on me.

    Jaime–can’t wait for your reveal!!


  4. Julie@followyourheartwoodworking says :

    I think it’s fabulous! What’s not to like?
    About the plugs and water outlet area, are you wanting to disguise it?
    If so, what I did was make a little narrow shelf above the electrical outlets, and then from the front of the shelf I hung (with a piano hinge) a piece of plywood, down to cover the area. (Mine is stained, but yours could be painted white) You could even paint “LAUNDRY” or anything, on the front of the vertical piece. Then, when you need to get to the plugs or water you can just swing up the front piece. Does this make sense?


  5. Cindy M. says :

    WOW! I love it!! Looks so much nicer than before, I don’t think it’s too busy at all! I think you did an awesome job! I’ll trade my hallway for yours! lol
    We are thinking about doing board and batten for our hallways but one of the walls is longer on one side than the other so idk how that will look.


  6. Amber says :

    Wow! What a transformation. You gave this space so much more character! I think it looks fabulous, and yes, I am in love with it. =o) I put together a photoshop visual of my livingroom with b&b and fell in love, but my husband wasn’t crazy about it. Boohoo!


  7. Pink Toes and Power Tools says :

    Thanks for the reassurances everyone! I don’t know why I felt the way I did during this project–I’ve never had such strong doubts before this one. Hope I never do again–that was no fun! I’m loving the results now :)

    Julie–Your suggestion was one of the ideas I’ve had among several. I’m leaning toward that one, but hesitate to add a shelf that I need to dust. I hate dust! I’ve also considered just boxing it in with a hinge to get back there, but I like the idea of a shelf. I don’t know which one will win yet!

    Cindy M.–I think that would still work with one wall longer than the other. I think the only concern would be the view of the longer wall–where would you see the b&b from–but even then, I think just seeing a small portion of the b&b is still attractive…

    Amber–My Man and I have that problem at times also. I generally talk him into it and he ends up loving it. The cabinet and hutch in the laundry room is a good example. He was not in love with the idea of it, but I was insistent that we no longer walk into a view of our laundry. He loves the cabinet now that I’ve got it done!


  8. Stephanie@cre8tive says :

    Oh I love it! I just saw your link on Myrepurposedlife and had to come over and see the whole room. The cabinet was a genius idea! It really doesn’t even look like you are looking into a laundry room any more. Great job!


  9. Lana says :

    OMG Pink Toes!!!! I LOVE it!! I would want to sit in there all day!! I have plans to do board & batten in my house too and I was wondering how far apart you spaced your batten? I think it is perfect the way you did it! If I did my WHOLE house do you think it would be too much?!?
    As for your wahser/dryer area how about a washer/dryer pedestal? Go check out Sausha’s at {Show & Tell}…Ana White even did up a plan for it…I love it.


    • Pink Toes and Power Tools says :

      Arrgh! I just replied to your comment and it never submitted!! I’ll try to remember what I said…

      Thanks Lana! I measured tonight so I’d get it right, and I was anywhere from 10.5″, 11.75″, and 12″ depending on what wall the batten was on. I went with Karla’s advice at It’s the Little Things That Make a House a Home. She didn’t stick to the ruler’s measurements, instead relying on how it looked on the wall in certain spots. I did try to stick to 12″ spacing, but in certain spots it just didn’t work. I’m a stickler for things that look “off” and I don’t notice any problems in that room, so I consider it a success! If you want to see what b&b looks like in a whole house, check out Karla’s blog–her main living areas are all done in it and it looks fantastic!

      I’ve considered pedestals for the washer and dryer, but I fold on top of them all the time, so I’d hate to lose that flat area. Although I LOVE the pedestals on the link you provided! If I ever do go that route, that is what I want :)


      • Lana says :

        Thank you so much for measuring for me!! I have seen Karla’s blog and I love her’s too…and now that I think of it your spacing is the same as her’s so I will be following your lead because it turned out so perfect.

        I will keep you posted whenever I get started on my project (painting my kitchen cabnets right now and it is taking WAAAY longer than I thought)

        I am the same as you with the pedestal’s too…everything is folded on top and baskets are scattered all over waiting to be put away!

        Thanks, Lana


  10. gail says :

    wow! the board and batten really is the icing on the cake! so beautiful!
    thanks for linking up!


  11. Jenn Hoff says :

    Oh, it’s love, baby! ;)


  12. Tess says :

    OMGee that is gorgeous. Wow. Love it.


  13. Jovi says :

    Wow! It looks amazing! You did a great job! I love the B&B! It makes it soo cozy. We spend a lot of time in the laundry room… why not make it nice and cozy as well? You did awesome! Please come and do my laundry room! I do love that wall color above the b&b. Can you tell me the color, please! =)


  14. marieie says :

    my husband is in the process of making a buit in and putting bead board in my laundry room so this post really interested me. your room looks GREAT! i had an issue with how to disguise the hoses, outlets, etc behind my machines too… i bought pedastals. i don’t break my back while bending over anymore. i don’t miss the folding spot at all! oh…LOVE the board and batten…we put it in the family room recently and LOVE it. :o)


  15. Pink Toes and Power Tools says :

    Thanks for all the nice replies!!

    Jovi–I think I answered your questions about the wall color in another comment (I hope!), but just in case–

    Benjamin Moore AC-35 Valley Forge Tan (but it’s a taupe in my opinion).


  16. Sue says :

    I read all your posts and can’t tell from the pictures – did you use the cove molding under your top board? Your proportions of the boards are really, really nice. I like the clean lines of your work – you did an excellent job. Thanks much for your reply.


    • Pink Toes and Power Tools says :

      Hi Sue! Thanks for your comment–I didn’t use the cove molding on what I have up now. I had planned on adding a piece perpendicular to the top board and then adding cove molding under it (like Kate at Centsational girl did here, but I’m afraid that it will stick out too far on the corners the stick out in the room and people will hit themselves on it. I’m liking it as-is, for now anyway!


  17. Everest says says :

    love the batten post!
    I would love to do it for my room seeing that it is so simple… :)


  18. Kimbo Bimbo (@Kimb0Bimb0) says :

    I had the same problem in my laundry room. Put up a shelf there. Right where the holes in the wall were. It will look great, trust me. I did it in mine and it covers great:

    I also did the board and batten thing. In my daughter’s room. I feel ya. As it went up I was sorry I did it, but it is growing on me. It was a lot of work, for the payout! Your hall looks awesome!


  19. Jenny says :

    I think it looks awesome! I love how are hiding the cat box behind the shelf wall.


  20. mistressaella says :

    I don’t share you step away “like/love” dilemma. I love your blog! :) a fellow diy blog-chick. yay! I’ve been searching around and trying to decide on what to do on the lower part of my basement walls. I have (wait, scratch that) I HAD an idea to do a bead board wainscotting and in one fell swoop changed my mind. Or at the very least made my mind alive with other possibilities. Thank-you… …I think…. lol can’t wait to read more!


  21. Chastidy Chere Gonzales says :

    I know it’s a little late, and I have lots more exploring to do, but have you thought of open shelving? I think it would look lovely if the board was finished behind the washer/dryer and you used open shelving.


  22. Chanel Hilliard says :

    YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!


  23. Kelly says :

    Looks great, do you have any up-close pictures of the bottom where it met your existing baseboards?


  24. Anonymous says :

    OK……I’m going to tackle the B&B this week. It’s been running through my mind for a long time. So my question is, where did you calk or did you? I’m guessing you ran a bead of it between the top board and the wall to eliminate any gaps? Also, when you say you nailed the top board in at an angle, where the nails directly beneath one another or side by side? LOVE YOUR WORK!!!!


    • Pink Toes and Power Tools says :

      I just went and looked at what I definitely caulked, and I did NOT put caulk on the edge between the wall and the top board (on top) but it is on every seam besides those. You’ll know right away what will need it, because any gap will show up as a shadow in all of that white. Caulking is such a pain, but it pulls the entire thing together and makes it look seamless. If you can avoid it, I would leave it off the top though–unless you use a very small bead in that area, it might make it look a little wavy, rather than the crisp line of the top board.

      With the nails, I put one in and then moved a few inches down for the next. Angle it up for the first and down for the second so the nails will hold it to the wall if you aren’t nailing into a stud like this:


      That strategy, along with caulk on both edges, has kept mine tight on there without using construction adhesive on the backs.

      Good luck! I know you are going to love it :)


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