A word of advice {stainless steel appliances}

By Pinktoesandpowertools | Home Improvement Projects

I’m starting to get itchy–before now I was submerged in what I was doing, but now that I’m getting to the end of the stint I took on, projects are starting to poke into my temporary bubble of “no DIYing”.  The one that is threatening to pop it is a sign for the laundry room.  That one just might make it in before I’m actually done with all this, because it’s becoming pretty insistent…

Okay, here’s another post that I typed up before the craziness started:

I love the look of stainless steel and our kitchen appliances all have that shiny, industrial finish.  They look so nice…for about 5 seconds after they are wiped off.  If you are looking at new stainless steel appliances, I’d like to throw this out there for you to consider:

This is what you will be looking at 99.8 percent of the time.  See the fingerprints at the top?  Lovely drip marks everywhere else?  Unless you want to spend a fair amount of time wiping down every stainless steel surface, buck the trend.

My other appliances do not look as bad because they don’t have a towel on them, inviting drips from wet hands.  But they do show fingerprints and other misc. marks.  If you think about it, it is a light, shiny surface so it only makes sense that anything that gets on it is going to show up for all to see.

Another word of warning that I wish I had known (and have heard from others who discovered this a little too late as well)–stainless steel does not hold a magnet.  Maybe this is common knowledge, but I didn’t realize it.  Now we have had to replace our frig since we built (lasted only 6 years–run from Frigidaire brand) so I was able to get a stainless steel look that does hold a magnet in the replacement frig.  But be aware of this and ask about it if you like to use magnets!  Also, if you use a magnet so that you know if the dishwasher is clean or dirty–won’t work.  I made one of these to hang on the handle:

We did buy a second, replacement frig with the stainless steel look because we wanted all the appliances to match.  If you end up not liking the stainless steel, it is a vicious circle unless you change out all your appliances at once, because when one goes you have to get the replacement to match.

Just thought I’d give you a heads up!  My daughter asked why I was taking a picture of the dishwasher.  When I told her, she said “You’re going to show that on the computer?!”.  Even she knows this isn’t something you want other people seeing in your home!