I’m baaack! {and a gardening post}

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The ten weeks are over and I’m back to the same-old, same-old now! I was worried for awhile about having the energy to delve back into the DIY whirlwind I had temporarily left, but this is my first free day and I’ve already got ideas to jump on. But first I need to catch up a bit on some necessaries:

This picture is after I had already spent an hour or so wacking down all the weeds that were taking over the front of the entire garden so I could plant that flat of zinnias sitting there. It is a MESS!!! Normally at this point in the year it looks perfectly tilled and relatively weedless because I’m rested up and ready to go. My mother, who ALWAYS backs me in my endeavors and interests, after seeing the garden last week, very politely suggested that perhaps it was time to scale back a bit on the size. She’s probably right. Maybe I should invest in some eco fencing to tidy it up a bit.

But for now I’m going forth. I plant the front of the entire garden with annuals. Last year it was marigold. This year zinnias:

Tease apart the roots if the plant is root-bound in the pot.

Dig hole, fill with water, put in plant, back fill with fine dirt (not clods), and let water trickle around plant for a few minutes.

While I was planting, My Man decided the kids could take a break from all electronic devices to come and hunt for strawberries. Not pick, but hunt. Did I mention the weeds we have yet??? But they managed to find some that weren’t too rotten yet:

Honeoye strawberries. Yum!

And my gardening buddy daughter (who says she wants to be a farmer when she grows up) picked some lettuce that self-sowed last year after I let some of the lettuce go to seed. Sometimes nature helps you out!

Self-sowed lettuce

June 4, 2011 bounty:

June 4, 2011 bounty

My garden buddy insisted several weeks ago, that we go outside and actually plant something. At the time I was knee deep in other stuff and wasn’t exactly happy about it, but I knew she was excited so I did it. So glad she insisted then:

Lettuce mix


The only part of the garden that is intentionally planted right now!

The peas are a shorter variety and we zigzagged some short, decorative fence in the middle of the bed as support for them.

We have heavy deer pressure here, and the only way I’ve managed to keep them out of the garden without electric fence is to build frames out of PVC pipes and elbows. I then drape plastic deer fence on it. It doesn’t look too bad and most important it WORKS! After the season is over, I pull up the fence and store them in individual plastic bags. I haven’t gotten around to the fence yet–please don’t tell the deer…