Pottery Barn Inspired bench for the Laundry Room

I mentioned when I started the View from our “Front” Door series that we needed a place to sit in order to take off or put on shoes in the laundry room. I’ve been looking around for inspiration for awhile–going back and forth between complicated and simple.  Complicated would have involved drawers and more decorative sides that would hide our shoes that accumulate in that spot.  Simple was this:

Pottery Barn Norfolk Bench

I didn’t want something heavy looking in there, so I chose simple.  This retails for $499 plus whatever else they tack on (shipping and handling?).  For that price, I would include shipping if I ran things, but I gave up running the world to stay home with my kids, so whatever.


2–1x4x8 pine boards (I used S4S lumber at $9 a board)

2–1x4x6 pine boards (S4S)–don’t remember cost, they didn’t have any so I had to use 8′ lengths for mine. (Board dimension edited since original posting!)

4–Waddell 21 1/4″ Country Pine table legs (about $10 a piece).  If you can find something closer to 18″, that would be ideal.  I had to cut these down.

First I cut all my pieces:

  • 4 @ 51.5″
  • 2 @ 44.5″
  • 2 @ 7″
  • Cut 1.5″ off legs (still makes it a little higher than ideal, but it works this way)

Then drill your pocket  holes.  Two on each end of the aprons (7″ and 44.5″ pieces).  Then on one of the long edges of each of those, you need a pocket hole about every 6″ or so.  No need to be exact.  To make the panel bench seat, look at the ends of the boards to see how the growth rings are situated.  You want the “cup” they make to alternate each board:





Lay them out, mark them 1,2,3,4 so you keep them in order and drill pocket holes every 6″ on one long end of boards 1,2,3.

Use your Kreg Jig to make the seat.  I was nervous about this because I’ve had less-than-stellar results with this in the past.  This time I got out a scrap of 3/4″ plywood and used it as a bench top so I had a flat surface to work on.  This would be a “duh” moment for me–of course it will turn out better if you are working on a flat surface.  I used VERY straight S4S boards as well.

If you are staining, use a minimum amount of glue. VERY hard to get rid of it once it dries and the stain won't take in glue spots.

I don’t have a Kreg Face Panel clamp, so I used my Right Angle clamp right over the boards I was screwing and then moved it to the next spot each time. Worked great.

Very happy with the results this time!

Now I cheated a little–my stepdad routed the edge with a round-over bit.  I was nervous to move the entire panel on the router because it was bulky and I don’t have any experience with it yet.  The router table is now in my possession though, so I’ll be experimenting plenty :)  Having a woodworker parent is a wonderful thing!  BUT–for those of you now thinking “I can’t do this!  She can do these projects because someone showed her!!”  My stepdad has given me some woodworking advice and now instruction with the router, but up to this point I researched and learned on my own.  My stepdad is incredibly busy (especially for being retired!!) and although I know he would have been happy to provide instruction, until now I haven’t asked him.  So no excuses!  You can do anything on this blog, if I can.  Ok, back to the bench…

Attach the aprons to the legs, making sure the top of the legs and the edge of the board are even.  I inset the aprons on the legs about 1/2″.

Glue, glue, glue!!

Now attach the long aprons:

This is what you have now:

Making sure your work area is free of small stones or anything that can scratch your seat, lay it bottom-up and arrange the legs about 1.25″ in from edges of seat.  Screw the legs to the seat.

Sand it. I used a custom stain we’ve had in the basement for 10 years that was used on our mantle.  I used it on the Family Name sign I put up last week, and this will coordinate the two now:

Not bad for $83 dollars, tax included!  And if you didn’t use S4S lumber, this would be incredibly cheap.  I am amazed at how easily this went together also.  Only a few cuts and the Kreg Jig makes quick work of the rest.

What do you think?

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24 responses to “Pottery Barn Inspired bench for the Laundry Room”

  1. beth says :

    Absolutely love it!!!! So simple…and so right for that space. Love it :)


  2. Jaime says :

    PInk toes, your attention to detail and craftswomanship is superior, honestly you must have the patience of a saint. And I guess I need to get the kreg jig now for real, I always end up painting my pieces because of all the screws showing but wow that bench is really nice. PB should be jealous – you should submit it over at Knock Off Decor.


  3. Mariesa M. says :

    That is a pretty bench! I have a bench in my entryway but now I want to go make one like yours to replace it!


  4. Beth says :

    Very beautiful and VERY impressive! Wish I had your skills:)!


  5. thestoriesofatoz says :

    Wonderful job girl!


  6. Lauren West says :

    the bench turned out beautiful.. great job.


  7. patty hess says :

    Pottery Barn will be impressed to see this! That is simply gorgeous in your entryway and love the background/panel wall–looks great!


  8. Tess says :

    GORGEOUS. I need one. Great job.


  9. myrepurposedlife says :

    ohhh how I LOVE that Kreg Jig! :) I wonder how I ever did anything without it.

    I could make soo many tables/benches. I have tons of legs in my stash. Maybe this will be the nudge I need.
    Love your bench!
    thanks for linking up and linking back! catching you this week,


  10. Korrie@RedHenHome says :

    It’s beautiful! I *so* want to build furniture someday..so far I’ve been too chicken!


  11. Sandra Powell says :

    Great job, it’s beautiful!


  12. Chantelle says :

    So beautiful! I found a stash of wood turned legs at our local thrift store and for $0.50 each, I bought them all with no project in mind. Maybe this is what I should make? I think I must follow you now!


  13. Pink Toes and Power Tools says :

    Thank you Claire! I’m definitely going to have to do the board and batten search on Pinterest :) I hope that your project goes smoothly–this is one project I’ve done that was relatively easy for the huge impact it makes. I’ll have to keep tabs on your progress on your blog ;)


  14. Mandy says :

    This is beautiful! I wanna try to make something like this. I’ve never built a thing. :) so what I’d you use to inlay the aprons to the legs? Are you meaning you made a groove in the legs to make the apron fit into it? And then no screws on te legs?
    Also how did you screw the legs to the seat?
    Thanks! And great job!


    • Pink Toes and Power Tools says :

      Thanks Mandy! I used a Kreg Jig to assemble the whole bench. The jig comes in a few different options that vary in price, but if you end up enjoying woodworking, it is a really nice tool to have! You can read more about the Kreg Jig on the page I created about it. This is a really good project for a beginner–good luck! I’d love to see it when you get it done :)


  15. Elizabeth says :

    What color paint is that ?


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