Pretty in Pink {Pottery Barn knock off bed} The Reveal!!

I love it.  I can’t believe I made it!!  The drawers work.  It is the right size.  All the stuff I worried about before I started turned out fine.  It isn’t perfect, but remember my motto: Perfect is the enemy of done.  And it’s done!

The before:

And now!

I didn't screw down 2 or 3 boards in the middle so that I could vacuum under there over time. Since they are in the middle, it shouldn't matter and they should stay in place just fine. If not, I'll screw them down later!

I am so happy with the results!  I had originally asked one my sons if he might want a storage bed for his room.  He declined at the time, saying he didn’t think he’d want one of those.  Today after he saw PIP’s (Pretty In Pink’s–daughter :) ) he came up to me and said he thought one of those might be nice to have in his room.

Now that’s success.

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Pretty in Pink: {PB Knock-off bed} The Plans   **know that plans may change spontaneously as I build–I think the cut dimensions for the back of one portion were too big and I had to cut down later…this is just to show you what I do as I go through the build process.

Pretty in Pink {PB Knock Off bed} Day 1

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And the reveal post for the Built-in Cabinets you see in the last picture:

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I still have quite a few project left in this room.  I’m going to transform the plain-jane dresser into something more interesting, build a bedside table, put up some curtains, paint her desk and add a hutch, put up some floating shelves, and build a closet organizer.  It may have been a mistake to list all that is left to do yet–I don’t think I realized how much more there was to go until I just did that!

But it is going to look so different in there–picturing the end result keeps me going ;)

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I'm a DIY girl with a blog. Trying to complete one project before I jump into the next one!

43 responses to “Pretty in Pink {Pottery Barn knock off bed} The Reveal!!”

  1. kit @ DIYdiva says :

    The bed looks awesome. Love the way the drawers turned out… great project!


  2. Donna Hollingsworth says :

    GREAT job! I know your daughter is proud!


  3. Beth in CT says :

    Wonderful! I want one.


  4. Rosa says :

    I just popped over from Knock off Decor and I’m sooo impressed! I’ve heard that drawers are one of the hardest things. I love the name of your blog. I’m going to check out some other posts…


  5. Jaime Costiglio says :

    Kristen I’m so late in commenting on your bed but honestly it’s amazing. You could custom build for a living, your details are truly a test of patience. Can’t wait to see what you have cooking up next, I’m on a building hiatus until these kids get back to school, totally impossible to think straight about cuts with them running around.


    • Pink Toes and Power Tools says :

      Thanks Jaime!! I’ve been stalking your blog waiting for the headboard :) Luckily my kids are getting old enough that they fend for themselves for chunks of time that I use for building. Summer seems to be flying by this year–you’ll be building in no time ;)


  6. Sandra Powell says :

    Love this…Love it! I agree with Jaime, you totally could do custom work. If only there was enough time in the day to do what you need for yourself and then do it for others too, right? That’s what I always say anyway. Great job on this bed!


    • Pink Toes and Power Tools says :

      Thanks Sandra! I agree that the days are WAY too short :) I think that just with the big projects, I ‘ve got at least a year or two (2 if I’m realistic) of projects. I’d love to build for others eventually…maybe I will someday!


  7. Rukmini Roy says :

    This is fabulous Kristen…Im following you now. What a wonderful transformation and I cannot believe you made it. Looks just beautiful.


  8. Mario Morales says :

    Thank you for your response to my email. I had our girls (12 and 6) take a look at the pictures of the bed, and they both want me to build them each one. I am excited to give it a try. The 12 year old even volunteered to help. I am hoping to get started within the next few weeks once baseball and softball start to slow down.

    As I read through the postings, I noticed that you mentioned your cuts were made with a circular saw. This is encouraging since I do not own a table saw. I have several straight edges to help guide my cuts, but I am hoping to get a Kreg Rip-Cut. Do you have any experience with the Rip-Cut?

    Your work is impressive. I hope the ones I build come out half as nice.


    • Pink Toes and Power Tools says :

      Thanks Mario! I think it will go well for you, especially since you have some experience already. I thought of a few more things–I left off the routering detail on the second bed I built (black one) and I like it just as well. That eliminates a lot of extra work. Also, I didn’t try to overlap the 1×3 over both the end unit and the side unit to make it appear more like one piece. I just butted the two up to each other and again I like it just as well. Both of those details make it an easier build than my first.

      I do not have a Kreg Rip Cut…yet :) But I did post about it and there is more info here:

      I think the Rip Cut has the capability of making cutting up a sheet faster, but I get pretty accurate cuts with my straight jig. I’m looking forward to trying it out though! It would be worth your while if you are doing two beds with drawers. One commenter made a good point–you can always return it if it doesn’t perform as it is supposed to. If you get one, make sure you tell us how it works for you!!


  9. chlog says :

    Does the mattress slide around?


    • Pink Toes and Power Tools says :

      I was worried about that, but so far no problems. I had planned on buying a non-slip rug mat to prevent that (and had read that is what other people did on platform beds) but I never went and got it because the mattress stays in place. This is with a 9 and 14 year old using this bed design.


  10. Reba says :

    I am thinking about doing this for my daughters’ rooms. Could you tell me what the measurements are for the finished bed? (just length/width) I am trying to figure out if it would fit. LOVE this by the way!


  11. irma says :

    where can i buy one


  12. Debbie Perkins says :

    I love a woman with tools. Power tools, Oh heck yeah!!! You have inspired me to want to build for myself. I have done little repairs over the years and can run a skill saw, jig,saw, drill, etc. Now, I WANT!! You go girl. My friend and I laid/layed :) laminate flooring by ourselves. Her moms whole house, her son’s new room, and my son’s room. I told her that we needed to go into business together, calling it “Who Needs A Man.” Her mom’s repairman volunteered and quit, saying that we had the name right. Women rule and rock. We get tired waiting, and then we learn. Hear us roar!


  13. Lori T says :

    The bed is beautiful. Great job! Just wondering if you had a post somewhere about getting the drawers to slide in/out. Also, did you keep track of your total cost? Thanks for the instructions.


  14. lifebeyondbullied says :

    Do you have a supplies list or the dimensions you used?


    • Pink Toes and Power Tools says :

      Sorry–I don’t have a supply list. By dimensions, do you mean a cut list? I believe I have that on the Plan post (linked to it at the bottom of this post). But please double check by drawing up your own plan (or going over mine step-by-step)–I can’t guarantee I didn’t change cuts as I went along!! The bed dimensions are 40.5W x 76L x 16D. I think it is 15.5″ high.


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