Four legs + trim + paint = brand “new” dresser

I am so happy with how Pip’s dresser turned out!  I didn’t do anything too drastic to it, but I think that the difference is dramatic.  Let’s see if you feel the same.  Before:

And now:

Remember that I mentioned going to the Pottery Barn site to be inspired by some of their options.  This is the dresser that I felt I could somewhat replicate:

Potter Barn Caroline dresser

I considered adding some trim to the drawers as well, but in the end decided to skip that detail.  I also considered keeping the original knobs which are just like the Pottery Barn version, but the new drawer pulls match the storage bed hardware.  And I liked the contrast of color they add.

Here’s the process.

Fill all dings and drawer pull holes. Sand with a finish sander, 220 grit.

One drawer sanded down--other is not yet.

This is what the bottom of the dresser looked like before I added anything.

I added a 1x4 board on each side in order to attach the new feet.

The front trim is a 1×2 board that I routered with a round over bit seated high enough in the router table that it cut the board like this:

This isn't the actual board--this is a 1x3 I did for a different project. But it's the same profile..

This is the front trim clamped in place. I had to use some scrap pieces to give the trim some support as well, because I wanted it down further than there was existing wood to nail into.

Glue and screw the supports to the dresser.

Glue and nail the edge of the trim to the dresser. Also put some nails into your corner to to keep them from separating over time.

I had to shim up the edges to attach the feet plates.

Plate that the feet screw into.

Screw the plates in place.

Testing out the feet.

I decided to change the drawer pulls to a single pull in the middle.  That meant I had to drill some new holes.

1) Find the center of each drawer.

2) My drawer pulls were 3″ apart, so I measured 1.5″ to each side and made a mark.

3) Starting with a very small drill bit, drill on your mark.  Work gradually up in drill bit size until you have a hole big enough for your drawer pull bolts.

For a new center support, first screw all of your feet to the dresser and set it on a flat surface.

1) Dry fit all the pieces in place.

2) Glue and screw the wood together through the top.

3) Clamp in place and screw to the dresser with 2″ screws.  I didn’t use glue on this part because I wanted to be able to remove the center support if I needed to.

4) Center support in place.

I painted the fronts of the drawers using the technique I recently posted about.  For the dresser, I tried out my new  sprayer.  After one coat, I went to the roller for the top of the dresser, but continued using the sprayer for the rest.  I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE the sprayer!  I will not be retiring the foam roller, but I will definitely be using the sprayer again.  I bought a HPLV gravity fed sprayer that uses a large compressor as its power and air source.  LOVE. IT.  Here’s my budget spray station.

Two coats of primer (had to do 3 on the drawer fronts), one coat of white paint color, and 3 coats of Minwax water-based polycrylic in the blue can.  I used a foam brush to apply the polycrylic on the drawers and the dresser.  It goes on so quick, I didn’t want to set up the sprayer and then clean it.  320 grit light sanding between coats.

Love the result!

The drawer pulls are the same ones I used on Pip’s storage bed so they coordinate the room really well.  Pine feet are from Lowes and cost about $8 each.

This was my husband’s dresser growing up.  He hardly recognizes it now!

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18 responses to “Four legs + trim + paint = brand “new” dresser”

  1. Jaime says :

    Kristen perfect makeover. I agree legs on anything makes it more beautiful and less ‘chubby’. And the white of course is heavenly, great choice for hardware, pretty sure it belongs in the PB catalog now. Pip is one lucky girl – next up a project for Mommy? (Love the link up list too.)


  2. frugalmama26 says :

    Amazing difference! The new look is so PB!


  3. Teresa says :

    I got the exact same dresser for my daughter at a garage sale this summer and have it all painted and stenciled and was thinking about adding legs to it now I know that I will! Thanks!


  4. Emily says :

    Wow, what a transformation. Great job, it looks fabulous!


  5. Dustin says :

    Another great post! That’s quite a transformation! I would not have thought of adding legs and trims to make it nicer. I would have just tried to repaint and call it brand new!

    I saw that you said you bought a new HPLV gravity fed sprayer, which one did you buy? I’ve been looking for one that sprays evenly and doesn’t spit paint out. I’ve see wagner’s sprayers but there are mix reviews some says it’s good and some hate it. The good high quality ones are a bit out of my budget as I do not paint as much. I do have an air compressor as I use the nail guns for trims.

    Thanks again on your post!


    • Pink Toes and Power Tools says :

      Hi Dustin! Thanks for your nice comment! The sprayer I purchased is from my local Woodcraft store (but you can order from them online if you don’t have one nearby). It is a Woodriver Pro HPLV sprayer. Here’s the link to it:

      I was skeptical about how it would work because of its low price, but it worked great! I’m not sure of the size of your compressor, but we have a large compressor in the garage (I think 13 gallon??–not sure exactly). Big enough that I can’t pick it up–it is on wheels. That’s the one I used with the sprayer. In the reviews on the Woodcraft site, there is a reviewer who says it works with his 6 gallon compressor, but I cannot comment on that. And I don’t think I would recommend that unless you are a very patient person, because you would constantly be stopping to let the compressor catch up. I am not patient :)

      My cousin and her husband have a Wagner sprayer that they have used with great success. If our large compressor goes kaputz, it will be what I try. The only thing that makes the Woodriver sprayer such a deal is if you already have a large capacity compressor around for other reasons (we were lucky enough to be given ours). Here’s a post where we talk a little about the Wagner sprayer down in the comments:

      And finally, Kit over at reviewed a Wagner sprayer as well:
      Darn it, I thought I could get you a chance to win one, but her give away ended on Friday. If I remember right, she did have a splatter issue with hers.

      All in all, if you’ve got a large enough compressor, I would totally recommend the Woodriver. Let me know if you’ve got a 6 gallon. I can try out the Woodriver with mine, just to see what happens. Maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised…


  6. Shari @For the Little Doll In Your Life says :

    This turned out great. Good job mom! Thank you for the sprayer information as well. I’m going to pass it along to my husband who’s been thinking about buying one.


  7. Courtney says :

    Darling- love how it came out!! Thanks for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday!


  8. Sandra Powell says :

    Those legs make it (well the white paint does wonders too)! I wish I could buy that sprayer but then I’d have to buy a big compressor too. Hmmm…continuing the search for the right sprayer for me…

    Great work lady!


  9. Chantelle says :

    Hey, thanks for stopping by! I came by here a while ago and tried commenting but something wasn’t working so I gave up. I was quite surprised to see how similar our projects were! I am glad I added the moulding to mine but yours sure is cute without it. You know, you could always add it later . . .! Just sayin’


    • Pink Toes and Power Tools says :

      Hmm, wonder what is going on that you couldn’t comment? I’m so tired of trying to figure out some of this computer stuff–when I linked up to Sandra’s party, trackbacks showed up at the bottom of her post for each link. Ugh! I have no idea why!

      I may have to add some trim after seeing yours. It really added a lot to it, like I said in the comments. Love how it turned out! Our projects were pretty similar–I even mentioned that I had considered adding trim to the drawer fronts in the post, lol! Trim will have to wait though. Ever since my husband discovered that my projects turn out ok, he’s got a whole list of ideas for the house. I just finished a project a few days ago, and he’s already asking what’s next :)

      Do you have an email subscription sign up option on your blog? I looked for one so I know when you post, but didn’t see one. I signed up through Google friend connect, but I’ve never used it before now.


  10. sandy says :

    Great job! I wonder why you bothered with new hardware when you could’ve just painted the existing knobs. They were nice and chunky.


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