How to wrap a necklace and have it stay in place

By Pinktoesandpowertools | Holiday Projects

I am having a really hard time getting into gear this morning.  I need to clean.  Wrap.  Cook, and possibly bake a little bit as well.  Instead I am pinning and now composing a blog post.  Oh well, this one is a short one…

We bought My Man’s grandmother a necklace for Christmas  and I think she will really like it.  But as I was putting it in a box to wrap it, it kept pooling in one end of the box.  I wanted there to be impact when she opened it, not  her fumbling around untangling it before she could even see what it looked like!  So I made a little something to hold it in place.  It was so cheap and easy, and it worked perfectly!

DIY necklace holder for wrapping

I used an Exacto knife  to cut the slits to hold the main part of the necklace in place.

Two small slits at the top of the cardstock to hold the chain in place.

The rest of the chain and the tag lie on the back of the holder.

And there you have it!

Ok, now I’ve got no excuses.  Time to get to work…