How to Build a Closet Organizer {The Reveal!}

Woohoo the reveal!  I love. love. love this closet organizer.  I couldn’t be happier with it.  More importantly Pip is happy with it and she is excited that she can find all her stuff in there now!

The viking hat got a place of honor :)

Dress up jewelry for now!

What do you think?  Was it worth the effort?  Got a spot for one in your house?  I want to do ALL the closets in our house now!

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27 responses to “How to Build a Closet Organizer {The Reveal!}”

  1. Anne says :

    You are amazing! I can’t believe you made all those drawers…


    • Stephanie says :

      I really want to know how to make this. If you could please help me out i would very much appreciate it. May you please tell me how to make this? Thank you.


      • Pink Toes and Power Tools says :

        Hi Stephanie! It’s hard to know where to start to help you out. This project is not really a beginner level since it has drawers, but if you have some experience you could tackle this one. I would suggest reading all of the posts that I linked to at the end of this post. Spend some time at (I link to her site in one of the closet posts at the beginning because I used her plan as a jumping-off point for my closet project). That is where I started learning how to build, with one of her beginner level plans, and every project after I added a new skill to work up to the closet. I talk about my journey in the “About Me” tab at the top of my blog–you can see the projects I started out with, as well as other bloggers I learned from. Best of luck!


  2. Tazz says :

    this is amazing! Good job!


  3. Jaclyn says :

    LOVE it! Come do mine! Those knobs are gorgeous; where are they from? I think not wrapping the trim was a great idea- it doesn’t take away from the appearance, less work, and you’re not sacrificing any precious space.


  4. Jaime Costiglio says :

    Totally worth all the hard work (and savings!). You are a perfectionist really, those drawers look amazing despite the short screws, who even knows now! You’re never going to want to leave that house with all the beautiful custom built-in pieces. Nicely done K.


  5. lovelyyellowhouse says :

    Looks great! I was so anxious for the reveal….totally worth the wait :)


  6. meregrose says :

    Whoa! Nice job!


  7. Tamara says :

    Whoa!!!! How did I miss this from 2 DAYS AGO!?!?!?! This is stunning! WOW! (But I would expevt nothing less from you) :)


  8. Lori says :

    Holy moly sis!!! That is incredible!!! I would never shut my closet doors if that were inside!!!


  9. jamie says :

    I love this! I am wanting to tackle my closets… I really need some with adjustable shelves and the drawers!


  10. Sharon says :

    Hi Kristen! I just recently found your blog and I’m so excited because I want to build custom organizers in our closets, and was going to start with my daughter’s. I was wondering, did you use a veneer over your exposed plywood cuts? I would also love to see a post on what tools you use. Maybe you’ve already done one on them, and I just didn’t find it? I was so glad to see how you safely cut your plywood without a table saw. I’m excited to invest in some good tools so I can do it myself. I just wish someone would come and clean my garage for me first. Thanks for the inspiration! :)


  11. Sharon says :

    Hi Kristen! I recently found your blog and I’m very excited because I want to build custom organizers for our closets, and want to start in my daughter’s room. I was wondering, did you use a veneer to cover your exposed plywood cuts? I would really love to know which power tools you use. I’m so grateful that you show us how to cut plywood sheets without having to invest in a table saw. I’m really excited to get started ( I just wish someone would come and clean out my garage for me first). Thanks for the inspiration and Happy New Year!


    • Pink Toes and Power Tools says :

      Hi Sharon–so glad to have you here! As far as the exposed plywood edges, I didn’t cover those on the shelf parts of the closet organizer, but I did a face frame that covered them on the drawer part. If you read all the posts in the series (I think I have them listed on the reveal post?) I talk about that somewhere. The only reason I didn’t cover them was because it was in a closet though–and with the face frame over the drawer part, it was even less noticeable that it was a plywood edge on the shelves.

      Your tool post suggestion is one I have been considering putting together for awhile–you might have been the kick I need to get it done.

      Sometime this year I want to put together an organizer for my closet–I love Pip’s!! We are also talking about reorganizing our garage so it is easier to woodwork in and I am not looking forward to the process, but can’t wait until it is easier to use. Good luck with that!


  12. kerihouchin says :

    Wow! This looks great. I’m impressed that you got so much to fit in a small space without it looking cluttered. Our closets could really use some help, lol. I really like the stuffed animal space. They end up piled everywhere at my house.


  13. Rachel says :

    I was just wondering if you used 3/4” plywood for this whole project? I seem to be confused as to when to use 1/2” or 3/4” material for projects? Specifically the drawers…


    • Pink Toes and Power Tools says :

      I use 3/4″ plywood for all cabinets and 1/2″ or 3/4″ plywood for drawers. I use 1/2″ if I’m going to need a whole sheet for the drawers anyway, and 3/4″ if I can use scrap from what I already have and not purchase more. Hope that helps!


  14. Patricia Archibald says :

    Good Job. Are your power tools pink? If you are not already a Tomboy Tool Lover you will love ours. I love all your projects.


  15. Cathlene van Sliedrecht says :

    I love it! Am definitely going to save this one! What I was really noticing was the door setup… could you tell me what the opening for the doors is? Is that a wheel I see at the bottom of the door on the left or are they hung just with hinges? Also I noticed the hardware at the top to keep the doors closed, could you let me know where or whom manufactures those?


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