Scrap wood heart collage

I’m getting closer and closer to having ONE room in this house that is completely and truly done!!!! I can’t wait for that day :) Pip is really liking her desk hutch, but the project I am writing about today is one of her favorites for her room and it turned out a lot easier than I imagined. And it used up a lot of scrap plywood I had been accumulating–high fives all around! Here is the scrap wood DIY heart collage I put up on one of her walls:

Scrap wood heart collage

Scrap wood heart collage

I started this back in the summer and then procrastination hit…sometimes it is the silliest things that throw me off the finish line for a project. Picking out the pictures is what did it this time! I had a niggling of a feeling of wanting to do the picture-picking-out last weekend so I jumped on it, and now the project’s got a check mark next to it on my to-do list.

This used up a surprising amount of scrap 3/4″ and 1/2″ plywood. I wanted both sizes because I thought it would add some visual interest to the picture collage.  Most of them are 4 x 6, but a few were smaller because it was what I had left.

scrap wood used for heart picture collage

Play around with the placement of the pieces until you are happy with how it looks.

Scrap wood heart collage before painting

Number the pieces so you know where they are going to go when you’re done.  I wrote the number at the top of each one in it’s spot so I knew which way the piece would be oriented once it was on the wall.  That helps once you are drilling the hole you hang it with.

mark the wood with a number to keep them in order

I painted the entire front and sides since I wasn’t sure if I would be filling the whole front with the picture or cropping them.

This next part is sheer brilliance if you are looking at ever hanging a collage of any sort on your wall.  I wish I could give credit to whomever I got this from (I thought it was on Pinterest, but I can’t find the pin on my boards).  Lay out your design on a piece of paper and trace your pictures on the paper.

scrap wood heart collage painted

Then mark the spot where the hanger is on the pictures.  I made two templates–one for the 4″ side and another for the 6″ side, depending on how the picture is oriented.  I drilled a hole in the template and marked the nail spot.

template for marking the hanging holes for the wall collage

Next, I used the same templates to drill the hanging holes in the pictures

drill the hanging hole in the scrap wood

I used a piece of tape on the drill so I knew how far to drill into the picture.  The template was 1/4″ plywood so I put the tape on at 1/2″ so the hole was a 1/4″.

Use tape to mark the drilling depth

Tape the paper up in the spot you want the collage to hang.  I used my measuring tape to make sure it was hanging straight and equal distance from the walls.

hang the paper template on the wall

Put a nail in each spot you marked previously.

put a nail in each pencil mark

Pull the paper template off the wall.  If you pull toward you, it will pull out the nails, but if you pull from the right or left, the nail head will rip through the paper instead of pulling out.

So do you agree that this is one of the best hints ever???  When I hang pictures on the wall, I put about 4 holes for each hanger before I get it in the right spot.  Can you imagine the havoc I would have wreaked on this wall with 36 pictures to hang??!!

Pull the template for the nails off the wall

I used dot glue adhesive to attach the pictures.  This stuff is really sticky and wants to pull off with the backing when you try to remove it, so it was a little bit of a pain to put them on.  But I don’t think those pictures will be lifting off anytime soon, which is good because we don’t use air conditioning much in the summer, so I was a little worried about humidity.  Not anymore.

glue dot adhesive attaches the pictures

I think that if I could do it over, I would have played around with the placement a little more.  When I was applying the glue dots, I had a good chunk of thinking-time and I spent some of it thinking that the heart kind of looked like the state of Ohio.  Then the Hubs came in to look, and without me saying anything, he said it looked like Ohio.   We live in Ohio, so that’s probably not a bad thing, just not what I was going for.  Just don’t tell Pip–she loves the heart shape!

**Update after I wrote up this post and then started editing pictures**  I realized that some of the pictures I had on the  outside edges of the collage (which were defining the outside shape) were really light on their edges–so they were not doing a good job of making the edges of the collage look like a heart.  They blended in with the wall color instead.  So I moved a couple of darker pictures to the outside edges and that helped somewhat with the Is-it-Ohio-or-is-it-a-heart problem!  Keep that in mind when you are placing your own pictures.

Scrap wood heart collage

I’ve used PureBond plywood for all of my plywood projects, so the scrap plywood I used for this project was all PureBond :)


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11 responses to “Scrap wood heart collage”

  1. Lori Choman says :

    I LOVE it! You are so creative! I “borrow” more inspiration from your blog than anyone’s! I can see doing this in a flower shape for my granddaughters room, and in a butterfly shape for my daughters room! And maybe a star shape for my son’s room!


  2. TB says :

    I live in Ohio too and kinds thought the same thing. Guess that’s why they put “the heart of it all” on all the signs when you drive into the state, it looks like a heart. Great idea!!

    PS- what kind of plywood are you using? Your always looks so much smoother than the plywood I buy at the store, so maybe you can help me buy the right kind.


    • Pink Toes and Power Tools says :

      That is true about the slogan–so I guess I got two birds with one stone ;)

      I use PureBond from Home Depot. It runs about $46 a sheet for 1/2 and 3/4″ and they come off the shelf in birch and oak, but I think you can special order other species. And the bonus is that it is formaldehyde-free too. It’s the only kind I have used for any of my projects that need plywood–I’ve been very happy with it!


  3. TB says :

    I live in Ohio too and thought the same thing when I first looked at it. Maybe that’s why they put “the heart of it all” on the signs when you drive into the state- the shape looks like a heart. I love it regardless!!

    PS- what kind of plywood are you using? Yours always looks smoother than the kind that I buy. Maybe you can help me find the right kind next time I buy some.


  4. rwethairyet says :

    looks really cool. neat tip about using the paper to mark nail placement. I’m still a long ways from unpacking my stash of photos to hang, but definitely need to keep that tip in mind when the time come to get things hung.


  5. laura@printing-instagram says :

    Hey! I blog about tips for displaying printed instagram photos. I often look around to find cool and different ways to display photos so I can blog about it. The idea that you have got here is awesome, thank you for sharing and thank you for the inspiration!


  6. Debora says :

    I love it. the whole site actually. I am Brazilian, and my father is a great carpenter, but he never taught me or my sisters to do anything, You encourage me to learn myself! You are fantastic!


    • Pink Toes and Power Tools says :

      Thank you so much for telling me that Debora! My hope is that others will see that you can start out knowing very little, like me, and build on that knowledge every project. Thanks for taking the time to comment–happy building! :)


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