Living Room Built-In {Post 1: The Befores)

On Dasher, On Dancer, On Prancer and Vixen, on Skil Saw and Kreg Jig and…oops.  Kinda got side tracked from Christmas!  The last few days I jumped into my next project.  Let’s face it–I’m finding it difficult to find the ideal time to start and finish these projects, so I’ve got to learn to do it in less-than-ideal time frames.  Like during the Christmas season–the most stressful, uh, wonderful time of the year!

This project has been on the docket for awhile, and Hubs has been pushing for it to go to the #1 spot for several months now.  I wasn’t feeling it, so I kept putting it off.  I’ve done a few built-ins now, and they all kind of have the same feel to them, and I wanted this one to be a little different.  I studied some of my pins for this area on my Pinterest board and wrote up some plans (coming in the next post).  We’ll see how it goes.  Instead of vanilla, this one may be french vanilla (Is there really a difference between those two flavors??)

Here’s the area before.

Living Room before picture

Living Room before

Don’t envy my bookshelf styling.  I can’t really even give you a tutorial on getting the look yourselves…it’s really just a gift.  A gift that my Hubs wishes I could return ;)

Plans to come soon!


About Pink Toes and Power Tools

I'm a DIY girl with a blog. Trying to complete one project before I jump into the next one!

2 responses to “Living Room Built-In {Post 1: The Befores)”

  1. Angie N says :

    I love the color of your walls in the living room. What color is it?


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