Living Room Built-In {Post 2: The Plans}

With the holidays quickly approaching, now is probably not the ideal time to jump into a new project, but that doesn’t appear to have stopped me before!  I am knee deep in a new built-in for our living room.  I’m finding that I am getting quicker with all aspects of a build– finally.  But I added a new feature, which always means I procrastinate completing that part.  Since this cabinet and shelves will be visible from both sides, I wanted to recess the back panel by rabbeting a groove.  That meant I got next to nothing done today as I avoided the garage and the router table.  But first: the plans.

I made myself draw it out to scale this time.  Remember that I am sometimes surprised at how my projects look when I’m done because I planned it all out on scrap paper.  Not this time! (Hopefully anyway)

Built-In plans drawn to scale

Built In assembly and plywood cut plans

I started the rabbeting today and ended up using a straight bit and table with fence, rather than using a rabbet bit with a bearing.  Mainly because I already had a straight bit AND I’ve already used a router table.  Can you imagine how many more days I would have procrastinated throwing in using a router hand-held for the first time?  Yeesh.

sketch of lumber cuts

Remember my disclaimer: Use these plans at your own risk because I’m always changing them.  I think I am already changing the 1×8 to a 1×6 for the top face frame.  The plywood cuts better be right, because I’ve already got them cut out (but not assembled) for this one.

It will be interesting if I get this one done before Christmas.  I think I will be done with everything but the doors, but we’ll see :)  I’ve still got Christmas shopping to do!

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7 responses to “Living Room Built-In {Post 2: The Plans}”

  1. billlattpa says :

    I draw out all of my projects on graph paper as well. First I do some rough ideas and then I try to get it as close to scale as possible. The tablets from Veritas are nice because they are scaled in inches. Since I’ve been woodworking this way my work has really improved. I hope it turns out great!


  2. Kathleen says :

    You are amazing!!! Have you ever seen a piece of furniture and decided that you could make it cheaper and drawn plans from a picture? The company that has my dining set has discontinued the hutch/sideboard – I’m so sad, but wondered if I could make it myself. What are you thoughts on this?


    • Pink Toes and Power Tools says :

      Thanks Kathleen! As far as seeing a piece of furniture and drawing plans from the picture, I have kind of done that. What I would do is study one of Ana White’s plans for a similar piece of furniture (in this case a bed). But I also studied the picture of what I wanted to build and then customized the plan to fit the picture. That way structurally I didn’t have to come up with a plan, but it looked exactly how I wanted it.

      Take a look at and see if she has a hutch plan that is similar to the one you want or see how a hutch goes together and customize the plan for you!


  3. billlattpa says :

    I’m in the same boat. My bookcase project is running into the 5th week. I’m almost finished but just like you lots of other commitments have to come first. Good luck with yours!


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