Kreg Rip Cut Update**Please read if you bought one**

I’ve got an update for anyone who is considering purchasing the Kreg Rip Cut, and one warning for those of you have already bought it.

First the warning.  Please be aware of this is you have the Rip Cut!  I was using it this weekend and I had just finished a cut when I realized that the Rip Cut was preventing the blade guard from coming down to cover the blade after the cut was finished!!!  I think it happened when I calibrated the red arrow because I thought it needed adjusted.  I had not had this problem before when I used it.  Just be aware of this because after the cut, the blade is not protected with the guard if you do the same thing.  Each time you connect the Rip Cut, make sure the guard swings freely in all positions.

Now for the update to my review.  In order for this to make sense, you first need to know that a rip cut is the long-ways cut (on a sheet of plywood it runs the 8′ length of the plywood).  A cross cut is one that follows the width–across the 4′ side.  Keep in mind that this tool is called the Rip Cut and it works beautifully for that purpose.  I love this tool for that purpose–it has made cutting up a sheet of plywood so fast!!!  BUT (you knew that was coming) it will not replace my homemade straight cutting jigs–at least not completely.

Rip Cut Cross Cut Diagram

I need my homemade jigs in order to make a cross cut that is longer than 24″, which is the maximum span the Rip Cut can cut to.  If I had thought about that for a second, I would have realized that fact :)  I, however, didn’t think about it until I needed a 34.5″ length this weekend.  Doh!

The first time I used the saw with the Rip Cut, I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to bother taking it on and off–that I would only use it when I would need it for longer periods of time.  This weekend I was taking it on and off pretty regularly, and I wasn’t avoiding using the Rip Cut just because I needed to put it back on.  I’m happy about that!

So there you have it.  I love the Kreg Rip Cut, but if you get one, make sure your blade guard is keeping you safe!

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5 responses to “Kreg Rip Cut Update**Please read if you bought one**”

  1. Jaime Costiglio says :

    Thank you Kristen for the heads up. Unfortunately I tried to order the rip cut recently but they’re all sold out :( I’m waiting patiently and have bookmarked your notes for when the time comes. Safety first always.


  2. Tracy Enders Smith says :

    Hey Kristen, just wanted to throw this out there… when ripping down plywood and you come across a width that you need more than the 24″, remember that you can always subtract what you need from 48″ and then set the jig up for that. For example, when needing a 34.5″ width just set your jig up for 13.5″ and that should get you the same result. It took me a couple of times before I realized I could do it that way. Just for FYI! :-)


    • Pink Toes and Power Tools says :

      Thanks Tracy–good reminder! I did think of that, but was using it to cross cut and needed two pieces at 34.5 from one length of a rip cut. I was trying to use it in a manner that Kreg is probably not intending it (cross cuts), but it was too tempting to not have to measure for those as well as the rip cuts!! Just didn’t want anyone to think they could purchase the Rip Cut and be good to go for all circular saw cuts–they are still going to need some sort of jig for longer cross cuts. Thank you for keeping me on my toes :) Hope your current projects are going well!


      • Tracy Smith says :

        OH! I got it now, lol yes I too have thought about that use many times. I wonder if Kreg will ever make a jig like that for cross cuts… I guess they sort of do. Hmmmm… :-)


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