Sew a Tote from a Tank Top

By Pinktoesandpowertools | Fabric + Craft + Art Projects

With the new year in it’s first few days, you might be cleaning out some closets.  If you happen to have some tank tops that you don’t love anymore, I’ve got a simple sewing project that will repurpose tank tops into tote bags!  I had three that I removed from my closet awhile ago and I turned them into these:

Black tank top turned into a tote


Blue tank top turned into a tote bag


Orange tank top turned into a tote bag


Here’s the tutorial from

Has anyone else done this already?  Have you turned any other clothing into something useful?  I have a slight obsession with tote bags.  I think I need to cull some of my other not-so-cute totes and donate them…

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