DIY Puppy Dog Valentine Box

Are you still in a chocolate candy induced coma from Valentine’s Day?  I hope you had an enjoyable holiday!  Pip’s was a little brighter because her grade had a Valentine’s box contest for their party, and she tied for the “Most Creative” with this DIY Puppy Dog Valentine Box.  I got the idea from Pinterest, but I couldn’t find any instructions for the actual construction, so we winged it.  I know that it is too late to use this for this year, but you can always pin it for future use :)

Puppy dog valentine box collage_2

Full disclosure:  This is not hard, but it takes a LONG time to make!!  I think I spent over 3 hours on it, and Pip was helping too!  Here’s how we started out:

Puppy dog valentine box_2

An empty tissue box, cereal box, and some tape.

Puppy dog valentine box_1

Then I just started making some strips of looped yarn.  I used Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick and I got it at Walmart for about $6.  I only used part of a skein.

Creating loops of yarn for the fur

Sticky side is up for the tape.  My loops were more even than this picture looks, but you don’t have to be too careful.  You can always give the puppy a trim in any spot where it needs it once you are finished.  In fact, in a lot of spots next to her face I did just that–left it really long and trimmed until it looked right.

Finished dog hair loops ready to attach

Push the yarn down onto the tape really well, and then do the same once you get it onto the tissue box.  I was afraid the yarn might come loose, but it has held really well through the construction and through a day in a 4th grade classroom.

After you attach, clip each loop.  This was Pip’s job.  She would clip while I constructed the next layer of loops–we made a great team!

Cutting the yarn loops

Adding layers of yarn for puppy fur

Attach the next layer so that you are hiding the strip of tape below.

One side of Puppy valentine box done

Puppy dog valentine box face

The loops in the face area were very small, but the loops under the ears and around the face I made really long.  I did trim them so that they framed her face.  As I said on the picture, I used some packing tape to cover the sides of the head in order to have something to tape to.

For the top of the head and the tail, I used a strip of hot glue in the middle of really long pieces of string.  I think I also trimmed the ears cardboard so that it was smaller, like I did on the tail.  Then I gathered the long yarn from the top of the head into two pig tails over the ears.  Attach a bow to each ear to hold it.  Fill in with some long yarn under the ears if blank spots show up.

Puppy dog valentine box_10

I attached the eyes, nose, and mouth with hot glue.  I had to make the nose with black yarn, since we didn’t have black pom poms.  The tongue is velvet Christmas ribbon (didn’t have any red/pink felt).  Luckily I had wiggly eyes on hand already.

Puppy dog valentine box_9

Puppy dog valentine box_14

Puppy dog valentine box_12

Pip was really excited about the results, and so was I!  What do you think of our creation?

***As an aside, we finally decided to purchase a new laptop after my last one was destroyed when I downloaded the Swagbucks toolbar.  I’ve got a complaint ticket submitted to Swagbucks notifying them of the problem I had.  It will be interesting to see their response.  I just got the new one this week and I’m trying to learn how to get around Windows 8 now, and get all my backed-up files transferred.  I like the new laptop I got (Dell), except for one issue–the spacebar doesn’t always work when I push it–it only works if I push the key in just the right spot.  I can actually repeatedly replicate the problem by pushing the space bar toward the bottom.  I feel like a huge complainer right now (Swagbucks ruined my computer,wah!  My spacebar doesn’t work, wah!)  but do you know how often you push the space bar????  It is driving me nuts that I am continually having to backspace to get to the spot where it didn’t space!!!  My other computer was a Dell and I never had a problem with it.

And that concludes the whining portion of this post.

I hope you are having a great weekend!!

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6 responses to “DIY Puppy Dog Valentine Box”

  1. Cher @ Designs by Studio C says :

    Cute box! Its funny you mention the spacebar problem… I’ve had mine (a Dell also) since 2008 and have that problem all the time. Same goes with the shift key and it makes me crazy! I thought I was just being “special”… Ha ha!!


  2. Jaclyn says :

    Yikes, that space bar would drive me crazy! Chris can join your club… he exchanged his newest Macbook… because he didn’t like the way the space bar sounded. o_O


    • Pink Toes and Power Tools says :

      I kept telling myself that I could just try to be conscious of where I am hitting the key to make it work each time, but that is not solving the problem. It finally got to the point that I gave up and had to call tech support. They ran diagnostics, etc. and now are going to send out someone to replace the keyboard. Sooooo hoping that takes care of it. Knowing that Chris traded a computer based on the sound made me feel better about calling it in!!!!!


  3. meregrose says :



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