Quick Tip {Inexpensive, Collapsible Workbench}

Since I do not have a workshop for my woodworking adventures, all of my tools need to tuck away when I’m not using them.  Up until now I have been working on the garage floor–which appears pretty flat until you are up close and personal on it–and trying to make your project square.  My garage floor is NOT flat and I can feel pretty confident telling you that yours isn’t either.  Before I began the Dining Room/Home Office project, I promised myself I would invest in a workbench, but obviously it needs to disassemble and tuck away, just like my tools.  Here she is:

Inexpensive collapsible workbench

Nothing earth-shattering about it–just 2 sawhorses and a hollow-core door on top, but I tell you it has made a HUGE difference for me in terms of how square the cabinets and drawers are once they are together.  In fact, I didn’t want to put this particular post up yet, but everything I go to write in the other posts seems to talk about this new workbench so I needed to be able to reference it in those posts!


I was warned (thanks Bill!) that the hollow core door may not hold up to some clamping applications, but my laziness won out because I already had the door at home and I didn’t want to spend the time taking it back.  I will warn you that the door will sag a bit in the middle if the sawhorses are as far apart as they are in the picture.  This was taken before I had really started building yet and discovered that.  Moving them closer together helped, but when I really wanted a guaranteed flat surface, I put a piece of scrap plywood on top also and built on that.  The bench still saves my back that way!


I got the sawhorses on sale at Lowes for around $28 and the door was about $21.  I put off spending the money on something like this for 2 years figuring that the garage floor was good enough, but I really wish I had invested in this right away.  Well worth the money.


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11 responses to “Quick Tip {Inexpensive, Collapsible Workbench}”

  1. billlattpa says :

    Hollow core doors are great for assembly, and who can argue with the cost? I have a tip that you may or may not want to try, but if you screw a board lengthwise on each side of the door(where this is a frame I should say) it will stiffen up the door. Also, you could possibly set the width of the cleats so the sawhorses fit between them, which would also help to stiffen it up.
    Anyway, I hope I’m being helpful and not a pest.


    • Pink Toes and Power Tools says :

      I am always up for suggestions! I was looking under there tonight after I read your idea, and I think that there is a spot on each sawhorse that would fit a 2×4 on its side. I think two of them running lengthwise would work, but I might have to rip them so they are even with the top of the sawhorse. Thanks for the tip!


  2. Lori Choman says :

    Great bench! I have kitchen cabinets in my workshop but never have enough room. So I have a table top and 2 saw horses that I use when I need extra room.


    • Pink Toes and Power Tools says :

      We are in the process of figuring out how to organize our garage better for building. We definitely need cabinets! Hubs has his eye on the Gladiator ones but man are they expensive. I’m thinking ReStore cabinets and a coat of paint is a better option. He’s gung ho to get it all done soon though and I am feeling pretty wiped out from this current project in the Dining Room. He might win from my sheer exhaustion…


  3. Kayla Hoffman says :

    I need to do that and considering Menard’s has doors for $0.99 this would be so affordable!


  4. Heidi says :

    I should totally do that! I do my assembly on the floor in my hardwood livingroom…but climbing around on the floor while maneuvering wood and clamps at odd angles isn’t doing my back any favors (I currently need about a day of recovery after any assembly day). This would be a great solution, especially given the stock of doors at my local Habitat ReStore.


    • Pink Toes and Power Tools says :

      On my last project I decided to save some time by doing the last little bit on our hardwood floor instead of running out to the garage–and I drilled 3 holes into the floor!!!! I even put down scrap 3/4″ ply as a precaution and STILL managed to do that. I was sick when I discovered it. I need to go to our ReStore more often. Never even thought to look there!


  5. Kat says :

    I guess that is the one thing I’m glad I invested in early on. I bought my saw horses last winter as well as 4 X 8 1/2″ piece of plywood along with foamboard on top. Not a perfect set up as the plywood will warp over time because the floor where I store it is not perfectly level, but eventually I’ll use parts of that plywood for project and get a new piece for a cutting surface. It is a b**ch to set up and put away though. Wish I had some dedicated work area, but that is not to be for now.


  6. Jay Crihfield says :

    Sorry if this is a duplicate, but I’m not sure if it posted another place on your site!

    If you’re still looking for a workbench solution, I just built a version of Ron Paulk’s design (just do a google search for Paulk Workbench….he also has a series of videos showing how to build it). Only cost about $60 in plywood, and is a large space that can break down into two smaller pieces for storage (I hang mine on the walls of the garage). The best part is there’s space under the bench top to store all your tools when in the middle of a project, and keeps the work surface clutter free! The plans are only $10 too, so it’s a great DIY shop project that can be done in a day or two.


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