Look what I found!


I’m finally done with the dining room built-ins and I was moving stuff to the new location last night when I ran into these papers. They are the original mock ups I drew about 8 years ago to take to the cabinet people (long before I started building)! I ended up pretty close to these drawings and I can’t wait to show you the reveal.

Give me a few days to get my life back in order–this was a huge project for me and took every free minute I’ve had for the last two and a half months (and then some). But it has been so worth every second!

I’m really happy with it… AND really happy to be on the “done” side of it :)

About Pink Toes and Power Tools

I'm a DIY girl with a blog. Trying to complete one project before I jump into the next one!

2 responses to “Look what I found!”

  1. Heidi says :

    Haha, how sweet! I love finding things like that, like a snapshot of my thought process from days I’d almost forgotten…I found one the other day with my pro/con list for getting into my current career versus a different one! Enlightening, in a way. I think yours shows how a naturally sophisticated taste matures gracefully!
    Can’t wait to see the reveal!!


  2. Tracy Smith says :

    I’m with Heidi! Can’t wait to see the big reveal!!!!!


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