Dining Room/ Home Office {Make a pencil drawer}

I mentioned before that I wasn’t sure I was going to add a pencil drawer drawer to the Dining Room built-ins.  Luckily I didn’t have to decide until the very end, and I wasn’t so sick of this project that I scrapped the idea altogether by that point!  I really like this addition to the desk portion.  Not only does it add a usable feature, but I like the look of the desk with it in there.  I built it to look like part of the face frame, so you really don’t know there is a drawer in there.

Finished pencil drawer

Up until now I have not owned a table saw but you might recall that right before I started on this project, I got one for my birthday.  I decided to try my hand at using it to construct this drawer.

The bottom’s dimensions are the depth of the drawer glide plus 1/4″ (in this case it is 14″ plus 1/4″) and 1″ shorter than the width of the drawer opening (to compensate for the space for the drawer glides–1/2″ for each side).  The sides of the drawer are 3/4″ plywood, because I used some scrap I had.

Bottom of the pencil drawer

I attached the sides to the back of the drawer and then glued and nailed them onto the bottom through the bottom 1/4″ ply.  There’s a 1/4″ lip I left on the bottom that will slide into a dado I cut into the front of the drawer

Make a pencil drawerThe front is 3/4″ ply as well because you only really see the front.  I made sure to sand the top and sides well, so it still looks nice.  I cut the dado the depth that the lip sticks out.  The width of the dado is the thickness of the 1/4″ ply.  I had to make two passes to get it right.  Truthfully more than that, but I’m still learning ;)

Close up of drawer assembly The little bit of wood at the bottom under the dado cut provides a place for me to be able to pull open the drawer since I’m not attaching a handle.

To attach the glides to the cabinets, I pulled out my double sided tape again–love that stuff!  You’ll recall that I used it to attach the inset door hinges and it works like a charm to hold the glides in place while you try to work with those horribly tiny screws that come with drawer glides.  I positioned the glide with my Kreg drawer glide jig to get it squared up with the face frames on the cabinets.  I had to lower it quite a bit than it looks in this picture because I used european glides and you have to be able to get the drawer glide wheel over the cabinet glide wheel and that ain’t gonna happen with it this close to the top!  This was wishful thinking in this picture.

Double sided tape to attach drawer glide

Insert the drawer into its spot so that you can attach the front and get it positioned just right.  I put glue in the dado and then just nailed into the sides through the front.  This is a tiny drawer and won’t get much abuse so that should hold it just fine.

Drawer without drawer front attached

Drawer front attached

Fill the holes with wood filler, sand, prime, paint and topcoat!

DIY pencil drawer open

This drawer took much less time to build than it took to wrap those headphones!  That was a Pinterest-inspired project that took a LONG time to finish.  This drawer was pretty simple to assemble and I’m glad I took the time to complete it!

Dining Room Home Office built ins full view

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4 responses to “Dining Room/ Home Office {Make a pencil drawer}”

  1. Tracy Smith says :

    Wow Kristen! That looks amazing I am so jealous of your workspace!! You did an excellent job and you should be very very proud of yourself! :-)


  2. Jason says :

    Cool project. Ever consider adding an additional power outlet at the desk level by extending the outlet at the foot level? It is pretty easy to do. One of those combo ac/usb outlet would be awesome.


    • Pink Toes and Power Tools says :

      I would love to extend the outlet! I might have to look up what is involved. The hubs always balks at stuff like that so it might take some convincing. I thought about drilling a hole on the desktop for cords but the outlet is a better idea. Easier to move the computer that way. Thanks for the suggestion!


  3. joyce famularo says :

    I think you are amazing and I am so inspired!


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