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DIY Geometric Painting

I’m not big on store bought art for my walls.  If I do purchase something, I like for it to come from a person and not a machine–or at least have some meaning if it comes from a machine.  We have bought art while on anniversary trips and family vacations that we treat as souvenirs.  Some of my favorite art on my walls came from my mom’s camera–I sent her out with some 35mm film (back in the days before digital!) and I printed it in black and white.  She came back with photos from a barn near the house I grew up in–you can see those in this DIY wall art post.  This time I’m the one who is creating the art and it’s going in the kids’ bathroom.

DIY Geometric Painting

I was inspired by this quilt I saw on Pinterest.

Being the pack rat that I am, I already had this canvas sitting waiting just for this moment.  It was just under 20×24, so I drew 4″ squares–6 across and 5 down. Read More…

I should have DIM {Done It Myself}

Curtains for Pip’s room.  It should not have been hard–I decided to spend the money rather than the time, and buy them rather than DIY.  OMG…I should have bought some sheets and stitched them up myself!!!

I have bought and returned 3 sets of curtains until I found magic #4.  And the same number of rods.  What made it so hard?  The criteria:

  1. black-out lining on the back
  2. Grommets on top (so they would take up little space when pulled open–she has a great view!)
  3. cover the 84″ span of window
  4. Raspberry color

In the end I had to compromise–these are not black-out lined and they are fruit punch colored (which I ended up liking better than the raspberry anyway).  I’m probably going to add the lining myself later.  Due to the grommets, they just barely cover her windows, but they do and they should be open when anyone else sees them.  I found them at Hobby Lobby:

When I planned the built-ins on each side of the windows, I left a couple of inches between them and the edge of the window molding so that when the windows are open, they have room to come over and not obstruct the view.  The plan was to connect a rod to each cabinet for the curtains.  It worked just like I imagined!  I used a closet rod I cut down with a hack saw to fit the width.  I thought that was going to be way harder than what it was.  Pleasant surprise!

And some of these closet rod sockets.  The open one with the lip allows the rod to be removed to clean the curtains.

Used painter’s tape to keep them in place while I screwed them in.

It’s coming together now!  I’m working hard on getting one room in this house completely finished to the point where I walk in and there isn’t a single project I’ve got in mind for it.

How to sew a Ruffle Flower Pillow

Ok, the New Year is here and  I’ve got my resolution  in place:  set small goals and write down how I am going to work toward them daily.  So often I get overwhelmed when I’m looking at the big picture—once I wrote down everything, even the really small things, I wanted to get done in every room in our house AND outside—O.V.E.R.W.H.E.L.M.E.D. !!!

So my current short term goal is Pip’s room.  My goal is to have it done—minus repainting her desk and building a hutch for it—by the end of January.  I still need to map out the month with the baby steps to get there, but I did one of them today without the map.


I was seeing these all over the place while I was Christmas shopping and I knew she would love to have one for her room.  However, I was NOT paying $25 for one!

Here’s how you can avoid doing that as well.  Mine was free because I already had a pillow form stored away and leftover fleece from making Pip a robe years ago (pack ratting paid off this time…)

You need: Read More…

Mason jar Christmas candles

Merry Christmas!  I hope you had a fantastic holiday!  I did manage to get everything done that I needed to do, and if my house wasn’t exactly spotless for company on Christmas day, there was enough jolliness going on that nobody noticed…I hope.

We did make a last minute run to the ER on Christmas Eve after Pip broke out in a horrible rash and we needed to make sure it wasn’t an allergic reaction to the Amoxicillin she was on…and my mom visited the same ER on Christmas Day to be diagnosed with Shingles (no urgent cares were open for the holidays!), but other than that all went smoothly. Hopefully we will make it the rest of 2011 with no more urgent care visits!  Since  Thanksgiving we’ve visited 4 times–a back spasm for me and 3 separate for Pip’s strep throat.

I wanted to share the table decorations I made with inspiration from Pinterest this year.

Read More…

Inexpensive room border

Before we even began discussing having a third baby, I decided I would like to attempt to learn quilting.  What better thing to start on than a small crib quilt?

A few years later we decided to add a baby to the quilt.  We found out that we were having a girl, but always cautious about the accuracy of that foretelling, I painted the room a neutral green to match the quilt.  AFTER she was born (they were right!) I added a flower border to girlie it up a little:

Read More…

Pretty in Pink: Post 1 {before pictures}

She gets it from me.  Every little bit of messiness that she has come right from my DNA.  Her father is neat as a pin.  I have never once had to pick up his dirty clothes from the floor and I have never tripped over shoes he has removed and left lay.  But he has tripped over mine…

Here is what I am currently tackling:

Read More…

Laundry Room paint color

Well, I had planned to paint above the board and batten in the laundry room. We’ve lived with that color for about 10 years now, and I thought it might be nice to change it up a little. But now I’m rethinking that–I’ve had several people contact me for the paint color. So here it is–and I think that repainting that room will be at the very bottom of a very long list now :)

Benjamin Moore AC-35 Valley Forge Tan

I think it leans more toward taupe than tan though.

I’ve been busy finishing up some stuff in the laundry room this week, and starting on my daughter’s room. I’ll post my progress with both soon!

DIY Wall Art

I love to see artwork up on the walls, but I don’t particularly enjoy purchasing something that doesn’t have any meaning to me or my family.  So our walls have been somewhat bare for awhile, but I’m gradually working on it.

This wall art we have had for a long time–before we had a digital camera.  My mom has a particularly artistic eye and I knew she could get some great shots for us to hang up, so I bought a roll of 35 mm film and asked for some wall art.  This is what she came up with and I love it.

Close up of fencing

Read More…

A Sign for the laundry room!

Well, the DIY project that kept talking to me got loud enough that I just had to do it, even in the midst of the 10 week thing I have going on currently.  I got it done this weekend and I am really happy with it.  Trouble is, it has my family name on it, so I can’t reveal the entire thing.  I doctored the pictures a little, but it loses something in the translation.  Let’s see what you think.

Here’s what I started with:

My mom gave this to me a LONG time ago (I've admitted I'm a pack rat). This is a canvas she started of me and my brother holding my baby sister.

Read More…

A word of advice {decorating}

Sorry for the neglect lately!!  The blog isn’t the only thing I’ve had to cut back on–there have been two fatalities due to lack of nutrition (no, none of my children).  Two of my houseplants that do not thrive in desert conditions have bit the dust.  The others are eeking by on the occasional soaking until I’m back to my old self.

In anticipation of this time, I had put together some quickie posts I thought would still be helpful to the DIYers who read Pink Toes and Power Tools before I was pulled away.  I haven’t even had time to click the “Publish” button lately!!  But I had a few moments today, so here is one of them.  Now I must go water the plants that are managing to hang on…

Ever been out at a store, been looking at some accessory and wondered whether it matched the current decor in your house?  I have.  So I started to do this:

I keep the paint chips from the color the room is painted as well as fabric swatches from some of the pieces in the room.  If it isn’t possible to get a fabric swatch, match some paint chips to the colors in the fabric and use those instead.  I mark the back of the chips with what room it represents.

This has been a huge time saver for me.  Instead of buying and returning an item when I get it home and it doesn’t work, I’ve got my colors with me at all times in a dedicated pocket of my wallet.


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