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Dining Room/Home Office {The Reveal}

I knew turning the dining room into a home office/dining room was going to be a big project, I just didn’t know it was going to be a big, BIG project.  Ignorance was bliss, until I was in it too far to turn back!  I don’t know that I will ever take on a project this big again (thankfully there aren’t that many this size on the to-do list!).  But here I am 2.5 months, 14 door and drawer fronts, 16 hinges, 1 gallon of primer, 1.75 quarts of polycrylic and 5 days where I thought “this is the day that I will finish” only to end the day “not finished” I am finally on the “done” side of the build.  And I’m happy.  REALLY happy!  All of the “what ifs” and unknowns are neatly tied up in a bow and all I have to do is fill up the cabinets and style the bookshelves.

Dining Room Home Office built ins full view

The biggest stress for me throughout the entire build was that inside corner where the two units meet.  I just couldn’t visualize what would look the best for that spot until I actually had most of it constructed.  And even then I wasn’t sure.  I’m really pleased with the end result.

Dining Room Home Office built ins desk view

The middle part of the desk that looks like a face frame is actually a pencil drawer.  I hadn’t decided whether I was including that until the very last part of the project, but I’m glad I did.  I’ll show you how I made the drawer in another post.

Dining Room Home Office built ins shelf view

The right cabinet under the shelves has a charging station in it that I am loving also.  I’ll show more details in a later post.  Couldn’t wait to get the reveal up, so the detail shots will have to wait!

Dining Room Home Office Built Ins left side

I’m a file-drawer junkie, so the two bottom drawers are both hanging file drawers.  Lot of room for organizing, gotta love that!

Dining Room Home Office right side

Dining Room Home Office built ins full view

If you recall, we don’t have much time to sit back and enjoy the fact that this is finished this year–I’ve got one graduating this spring, eek!  I’ve already moved on to trying to pick out a table, chairs, and rug for this room to really finish it up…and move on to the next project ;)

More posts on this build will be churned out!


As always, I only use PureBond plywood in my builds because the air quality in my home matters to me.  I have used this plywood since the very beginning of my woodworking adventure and I love it.


Build some under the sink storage

Happy Valentine’s Day!

This post was originally a guest post for Brittany over at Pretty Handy Girl a little over two weeks ago.  I so appreciate that she featured me over there!  If you didn’t catch it then, here is the Pink Toe version :)


Based on today’s post, I’m going to predict that 2012 is going to involve some embarrassing photos.  Embarrassing to me specifically.  But the “after” results are so worth the embarrassment that I’m going to show you some of the messy areas of our my house.  That cannot read “our” because no part of My Man is messy.  Been with him 18 years and the man hasn’t made a mess yet.  Me?  I’m the fertility goddess for messes—they breed all around me.  So I decided to tackle one mess at a time in 2012 and my latest project is organizing under the sink in the master bath.

I mean look at this (if you are male and uncomfortable looking at feminine products, you can just skip on ahead here…if you can even find it in this mess.  This photo could be a page in an I Spy book).


Ack!  I swear it looks worse in the picture!  You can now understand that  when I saw this on Pinterest I got pretty excited.


source: Pregnant…with power tools

Actually I got a LOT excited…dollar store bins!  Scrap wood!  Cheap and easy DIY—what’s not to love??

So I went off and I built some stuff and now it looks like so:

AAAHHH!  I love it so much now!

First thing you need to do is go get yourself some bins.  This project cost me $4 because all I had to buy were the bins and I got 2 for $1 at Dollar Tree.  You need to know also that bins vary in quality and usability for this project.  Look for rigid bins with side edges that are uniform with no obstructions like these: Read More…

How to Build a Closet Organizer {The Reveal!}

Woohoo the reveal!  I love. love. love this closet organizer.  I couldn’t be happier with it.  More importantly Pip is happy with it and she is excited that she can find all her stuff in there now!

The viking hat got a place of honor :)

Dress up jewelry for now!

What do you think?  Was it worth the effort?  Got a spot for one in your house?  I want to do ALL the closets in our house now!

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Hi again!

My 8 weeks away was a whirlwind—I can’t believe how fast it went! Obviously I didn’t get any projects, even small ones, blogged during that time. But I did finish two VERY small DIY organization projects that I’ll share now. I wasn’t going to because the pictures aren’t impressive. How do some bloggers get those fantastic pictures of the smallest things? However, the other day I opened the cabinet where one of the projects is located and felt a small spurt of giddiness because it solved a long standing problem. So here’s hoping this may help you out as well.

Hair stuff. Past DIY organizer was a picnic basket I painted with shoe box dividers.  The hair clips were on small strips of cardboard, clipped in place.  I already took them out in the photo.  They were stuck in the spaces in the sides:

You couldn’t see them all at once and although it was somewhat organized, it was still a pain.  My daughter never put them back on their strip and I didn’t like to either.


Read More…


A little while ago I saw these crates on a blog post by Kit at DIY Diva and I loved them.  She made hers from pallets.  I did not for a few reasons.

  • 1.  I’d have to find some pallets
  • 2.  I’d have to take apart said pallets.
  • 3.  Pallets scare me.  I’m pretty sure that most of them are saturated in all sorts of things to keep the wood from rotting, none of which I want inside or to breathe while I’m cutting, sanding,etc.  Read the comments in the DIY Diva post for safety measures you can take.

So I went to Lowes to the furring strip department and searched for really-beat-up-but-straight-as-I-could-find boards.  Really beat up?  Easy.  Straight as I could find?  Not so much.  I could find furring strips for the 1x3s and 1x4s, but the 1x2s were impossible, so I used Top Choice for those.

6—1x3x8 furring strips

3—1x4x8 furring strips

1—1x2x8 and 1—1x2x6 Top Choice boards (they only had a few at 8’—there was enough wood for 3 with these figures)

For a grand total of $21.24.  Much, much, much cheaper than the large baskets I was eyeballing at Target 2 weeks ago.  I could have spent $50-$60 dollars on 3 baskets!  Sheesh.  Here’s my version:

For the ends cut: Read More…

Organizing {junk drawer}

Ahh, the junk drawer.  The bane of my existence.  Always a mess with nary a solution to be found.  Til now.  Well, actually I found the solution last year.  But that’s even better because I found a solution that has worked for a whole year!

I don’t have any before shots because it was during my pre-blogging days that I came up with this.  I started out shopping for drawer organizers and was blown away by what it was going to cost me for plastic pencil bins and the like.  And that was at Walmart!  I even had them in my cart, thinking that the money would be worth it, but ended up putting them back and leaving empty handed.  They might have segmented the drawer, but it still didn’t feel like it was customized for what I specifically needed.  Which meant the solution wouldn’t end up working and it would eventually be a mess again.

Then I got to thinking that I had a lot of fruit roll up, granola bar, and cake boxes in the pantry that might work.  For free.  And then the angels started singing (they do that when I hit upon a great solution or idea–doesn’t happen often enough, I tell ya). Read More…

Organizing {jewelry drawer}

I am in the middle of an organizing frenzy!  And generally my organizing looks like a frenzied event when I am done.  It is not unusual for the room to look worse after I start the organizing because I want it to be perfect when I am done.   Perfectly matched containers.  Perfectly lined up.  Everything in its place.  Neat. Tidy.

That all takes time!  And I get distracted interrupted easily.  You know life?  It always gets in my way.  And I abandon the attempt before it’s complete.

But occasionally I am successful.  Yesterday I was in Dollar Tree trying to find cheapo candles for another project when I ran across some of these

Read More…


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