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DIY Geometric Painting

I’m not big on store bought art for my walls.  If I do purchase something, I like for it to come from a person and not a machine–or at least have some meaning if it comes from a machine.  We have bought art while on anniversary trips and family vacations that we treat as souvenirs.  Some of my favorite art on my walls came from my mom’s camera–I sent her out with some 35mm film (back in the days before digital!) and I printed it in black and white.  She came back with photos from a barn near the house I grew up in–you can see those in this DIY wall art post.  This time I’m the one who is creating the art and it’s going in the kids’ bathroom.

DIY Geometric Painting

I was inspired by this quilt I saw on Pinterest.

Being the pack rat that I am, I already had this canvas sitting waiting just for this moment.  It was just under 20×24, so I drew 4″ squares–6 across and 5 down. Read More…

The kids’ bathroom…FINALLY

Holy guacamole was the kids’ bathroom project ever going to get started??!!  The creative juices were running dry for this one…and the motivation wasn’t exactly flowing either.  But it is at least a good jump toward finished now.  You may recall (or you may not, it hasn’t exactly been that recent) that the kids’ bathroom was not on my radar.  It is a room that I consider finished, and with so many other projects that are screaming to be completed after 11+ years in this house, I was not interested in redoing one that was already complete.

And then this happened:

We built the bathroom in anticipation of kids needing to brush their teeth or dry their hair while another was showering.  It is two rooms–you enter into the one with the sink and go through another door back into the porcelain throne and tub/shower room.  The problem is that it is an interior room (no windows) and it is small, and my boys like to take very hot and very long showers.  Water-running-down-the-walls-from-condensation kind of showers.  Mold really likes those kind.

Hence, the bathroom moved to the very top of a list that it had previously not even been on.  And since I was going to paint anyway, it might as well be updated all around.  Especially because my boys are growing up fast and the decor was probably not keeping up really well:

Read More…


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