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Adding a hutch to a desk {The Reveal}

If all I had done was add a hutch to a desk, then the reveal post would have come about much sooner.  But before I could add the hutch, I had to paint the desk:

Desk and chair before painting

The desk was a dirty, yellowy, whitish color and the handles and horizontal metal inserts were a brassy, gold color with worn, white parts on them.

I didn’t sand the desk down.  I bought some bonding primer at Lowes (hope I don’t regret not getting the Sherwin Williams version I’ve heard others use–I was already at Lowes and got lazy…).  I also skipped the polycrylic topcoat I’m fond of using and bought a semi-gloss finish in the paint instead.  I didn’t get the really smooth finish I’ve come to love, but I did get done with the project a little quicker, which I also love.

Repair a chair.  Paint the chair.  Recover the chair seat.  Spray the chair bright pink.  Discover bright pink doesn’t work.  Repaint chair white.

Repair a chair

The chair needed help in two different spots. It was pretty wobbly before I put in the pocket hole screws, but now it’s solid. I had to put the pocket holes on the outside because of the funky assembly on the inside.

And spray paint the handles and horizontal metal inserts a nice, brushed nickel.

Desk hardware ready to spray paint

I washed the hardware with some soap and water, dried it well, and primed it with some Rustoleum regular primer in gray (because I accidentally grabbed gray). I used Krylon in brushed nickle as the color and I left off the topcoat for this project.

But now it is all done and in her room!  Here’s  a before photo to refresh your memory about how the room looked, well…before!  I didn’t purposely take such awful before shots, I wanted the Hubs to take the desk down so I could paint it, but I needed before photos…and it was at night.  Flash photos + no natural light =no good

 How to add a hutch to a dresser

  Desk before photo

 Desk and Hutch from the front

I love the brushed nickle spray paint!  Look at the difference in the hardware.

Desk drawer hardware collage

It’s coming along in there.  I’m working on a couple more projects for her room right now that I’m hoping to have done by the weekend.  Now that I’ve said that out loud it’ll get jinxed somehow :)

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You might notice that the drawers in the plans didn’t make it into the hutch.  That is a sore spot for me at the moment, since I did some incorrect math in my head…I was dreading going out in that garage in the cold, I procrastinated for a few days over the long weekend, finally went out and got it done, took it up to her room, and discovered they weren’t going to work as is.  Sigh.

If you’re ever in need of feeling better about how your own projects are going, you know you can always depend on me for a mistake or two!

**This project (and all my plywood projects on here to date) are made using PureBond Plywood because I’m concerned about the air quality in my home.


Pretty in Pink: Post 4 {Built-In Bookcase Reveal}

Built-in bookcases.  Check.  Still got quite a few projects before this room can be called done!  But one thing can be crossed off the list now. Remember before:

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DIY Wall Art

I love to see artwork up on the walls, but I don’t particularly enjoy purchasing something that doesn’t have any meaning to me or my family.  So our walls have been somewhat bare for awhile, but I’m gradually working on it.

This wall art we have had for a long time–before we had a digital camera.  My mom has a particularly artistic eye and I knew she could get some great shots for us to hang up, so I bought a roll of 35 mm film and asked for some wall art.  This is what she came up with and I love it.

Close up of fencing

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Thrift Store Lamp Revamp

Gotta love it when the title rhymes.  Gotta love it when you find really ugly lamps, really cheap.  Especially when you’ve been on the lookout for this exact shape:

Before pictures of thrift store lamps.

Notice that one is $5.99 and one is $3.99?  The clerk was nice enough to give me both at the $3.99 price.  My mom thought that these would be cool in the right house.  I was embarrassed to have them in my cart.  I even told some innocent Read More…

Refinishing door hardware Part 6: The reveal! And more tips

Can you hear that?  I believe I hear angels singing.  I love, love, love the results.

Something I have learned after completing this project?  It is difficult to take interesting pictures of your door hardware.  These were the best that I could do.

A peek at what they used to look like:

To see the entire series of posts for this project, please click on the Refinishing Door Hardware category in the right sidebar. It will take you to all of the information on the process I used.

Fixing blunders:

A Q-tip and some paint sprayed into a disposable container will fix very small blunders that don’t go too deep.  If you have a bigger mistake, let it dry Read More…

Refinishing door hardware Part 5: Sealing

OMG.  This project has been a lot more work than what I anticipated.  Nothing new with that–I have a habit of downplaying the amount of time and effort projects take.  But the results have been so worth it!  I am finishing the last batch of hardware today.

The sealer layer is where I depart from Kara’s door hardware suggestions.  She used this sealer, which I originally bought:

I decided that I wanted less shine on our hardware after looking at the examples for sale at Home Depot (which is when I priced new hardware again–$25-$30 per door for the exact same handles we have in our house, just with the oil rubbed bronze finish–cha ching!).  They didn’t have the exact brand Kara used Read More…

Refinishing door hardware Part 4: Painting!

This is where you see results!!  I am going to take advantage of some Indian summer days here in Ohio and knock out the bottom hinges on about 22 doors, as well as the exterior door hardware I couldn’t fit in before the weather got cold.

Before I do, I’ll post on the painting process.  I can do this because it won’t take long–after the prime coat is dry to the touch, repeat the process with the color you have chosen for the hardware.  Easy peasy and you finally get to see some results after all this hard work!  I let the primer coat dry for about 45 minutes in 65 degree weather.

Here are some shots:

See those plates that came out of the door frame (left side of the picture).  Make sure that you prime and spray the backs of these as well.  I did not realize you could see the back and you can.  Not a lot, but enough that I will be correcting this error eventually…

Love them, love them, love them!!!!!   I think it is warm enough that I can begin today’s batch.  Can’t wait to see the exterior doors’ hardware from the outside.

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This project is linked to The DIY Club’s Krylon Pretty in Paint Party.  Click on the link to check out all the other inspiring projects using spray paint!


Refinishing door hardware Part 3: Priming

Now the fun part!  Get your spray painting station ready.  I had to do this in our garage because it was windy outside.  However, this stuff is really stinky and has some ingredients that I didn’t want to inhale, so I did keep one of the garage bays open and the back door to the garage as well.  It was still pretty stinky.

This is how I started out.

This was a few days later.Use lots of boxes to barricade, and as many dropcloths as you can get your hands on.  Spray paint really flies around. Read More…

Refinishing door hardware Part 1: Supply List

We have been in our house for 10 years and 85 days.  I have disliked our door hardware for the exact same amount of time.  I had looked into new hinges and knobs awhile back and man oh my did I have sticker shock.  Yikes.  We have 30 doors and 3 pocket doors in our house.  New hardware was not happening.

So I began to think about refinishing them myself, but I didn’t really think it would have the durability doorknobs would need.  And then I found Kara.  She Read More…


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