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It’s Friday!

The weekend is here and I’m finally at a spot in life that I can get started on another project or two.  Next up: Pip’s dresser and another storage bed for my middle son, who I need to come up with a nickname for on the blog.  Pip came from “Pretty In Pink”.  Maybe his nickname will jump out at me as I begin blogging about a project intended for him, like hers did.

I went and got the lumber for the bed and supplies for the dresser.  I’ve tried really hard not to begin two projects at once (which is my natural inclination) as I’ve jumped into woodworking, but My Man  (who has tried to cure me of that natural inclination) said it would be a good use of time to put a coat of paint on the dresser, and then work on the bed while that coat dries.  When you’ve got a green light, you go.  I went straight to Home Depot.

So hopefully I’ll have something to show you soon!  In the meantime, I was looking at Pottery Barn’s website for inspiration on sprucing up Pip’s dresser when I ran across this bedside table:

Pottery Barn Charlotte bedside table

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Pretty in Pink {Pottery Barn inspired} Bedside Table: The Reveal!

Whew!  Finally we are at the reveal for this project!  Life has gotten in between me and the final coat of Polyacrylic for this one.  But now here it is, all set in its place in Pip’s room:

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Pretty in Pink {Pottery Barn inspired} Bedside table post 3

I hate waiting for glue to dry!!!  The bedside table is assembled, but it is upside down and clamped all over the place, so I can’t see the end result for another 7 hours and 20 minutes–and even then I might wait until tomorrow morning.  The glue is in there pretty far and the stability of the table depends on the glue that is drying right now.  But I’m getting ahead of myself…

First I built the drawers.  These are very small drawers, so nothing heavy is really going to be able to fit in here.  I put them together with nails and glue.

Once the drawer is assembled, take a finish sander to it and round off the edges and smooth the tops. Make sure the bottom is smooth as well--it will glide on the wood glides.

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Pretty in Pink {Pottery Barn inspired} Bedside table post 2

So we’re about 99.99% sure we don’t have raccoons in the garage attic.  Two nights and nothing came down, but KT commented on the last post that baby powder can deter raccoons.  Which is what we sprinkled on the ladder rungs to see if anything came down or not.  But My Man went up and looked before he screwed the cover on this time and nothing was out of place or different from the last look-see.  Disaster averted.  We are excited to try out the baby powder if we ever have a problem again.  Thanks KT!

So I’ve been able to make some headway on the bedside table.

First I assembled the table top with a kreg jig and lots of clamps.  The plywood is always just the slightest bit narrower than my 1x2s, so on this project I was trying to get an even top with lots of clamps and using scrap wood to push the plywood down so I’d get it all even.  That still resulted in a bump between the two.

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We interrupt this PB knockoff…

I got some work done on the bedside stand yesterday with some drawn up plans:

Disclaimer: Dimensions change as I build! Especially on this one, when I am using up scraps of plywood. I make the project fit the wood I've got.

But in the middle of making some of the cuts, My Man came out to see what I was up to and discovered this:

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Pretty in Pink {Pottery Barn inspired} Bedside table post 1

I’m procrastinating again.  That usually means I’m unsure about something.  A few days ago it was finding 2×2 boards that were NOT furring strips.  I don’t know how anyone finds a straight furring strip, they certainly don’t exist in my corner of the world.  I’m going for this look:

Pottery Barn Cottage Smart Bedside Table from

I need the 2x2s for the corners. I thought about cutting a 2×4 down to size, but I don’t have a table saw and cutting a small strip like that presents its own challenges with a circular saw.

Square dowels?  Couldn’t find it in the 2×2 (or 1.5″ x 1.5″ dimensions) I needed.

Use pressure treated deck rails?  Prefer not to use treated lumber, even if it will be painted.

Finally found these poplar 2x2x3′ poplar blanks in the hobby board section of Lowes for just over $5: Read More…


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