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Pottery Barn Stratton knock off #2

You’ve heard the wise advice, measure twice, cut once.  It is good advice that should always be followed when woodworking.  Especially before you even buy the wood.  Go measure the space you’ve got, to make sure your project will fit in given space.

You know I am working on my second storage bed for one of my boys.  There is currently a twin in there, which gave me false confidence about the space I had for the bed.  Actually that sentence implies that I actually had a thought in the first place about spacing.  I, in fact, did not.  Not even an inkling of a thought.

Luckily the Heavens were smiling on me as my oldest was carrying the bed up with My Man, saying “Wonder if the door is gonna close once this is in there?” .  It does close.  Barely.

It’s all because of this:

I’m sure that there are some “heating duct rules to live by” that I am oblivious to, but when a room has a shortage of blank walls to put furniture in front of, it is eternally frustrating when one has a heating duct in front of it.  This room has the door into the room, two huge closet doors and 3 windows.  This very small space between the windows in one of 3 blank areas I’ve got to work with.  Oh well, the door does actually close, so disaster was averted.

And the bed is in the room!

Before (and I am so embarrassed about the dust ruffle being ripped–especially because it’s been that way for years):

Pottery Barn Stratton knock off #2

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Pretty in Pink {Pottery Barn knock off bed} The Reveal!!

I love it.  I can’t believe I made it!!  The drawers work.  It is the right size.  All the stuff I worried about before I started turned out fine.  It isn’t perfect, but remember my motto: Perfect is the enemy of done.  And it’s done!

The before:

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Pretty in Pink {Pottery Barn knock off bed} Drawer pulls

Ok, one more progress post.  The bed is done and in her room and the reveal post will be coming tomorrow.  It turned out better than I had hoped!

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Pretty in Pink {Pottery Barn knock off bed} Drawer fronts

The end is near!  No, I do not believe that because the Mayans stopped their calendar in 2012 that THE end is near, the end of this build is near!

The drawer fronts are on and the way that I built them is a perfect example of why two heads are better than one.  I had planned on constructing them the same way as the pocket hole doors I made for the built-ins which involved miter joints, rabbets with the router, and glue up time.  My Man was talking with me about the drawer fronts and it was like we were speaking in tongues–neither of us could figure out what the other was talking about.  I was talking about rabbets and he was assuming I was going to build them the easy way.  Here is what he was talking about (and I felt like an idiot after I realized that this was WAY less complicated and worked just as well):

Glue and nail some 1×3’s to the front of the drawer.  <duh>

It does have to have some precision. Here’s how  I did it.

Give everything a good once over with some 220 grit sandpaper. My finish sander makes quick work of that job. I made sure to get the top edges of the plywood on the drawer really well--even rounded their edges just a bit since these will have people contact.

Cut two 1x3s the width of the opening with 1/8" space on BOTH sides. Cut two the vertical height left, less 2/8" (or 1/4") so you have the same space top, bottom, left, and right.I made the space larger than I would normally for an inset drawer front because of the play in the drawer glides (don't want it to nick the sides). Because this is a larger project, it looks proportional.

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Pretty in Pink {Pottery Barn knock off bed} Drawers

The drawers are built and are in!

And I no longer like drawer glides.  I should have only had 12 to put in (2 for each drawer).  For one drawer alone, I had to redo it 3 times.  Both sides.  And that wasn’t the only problem I had!  If I had not done inset drawers, I probably wouldn’t have had some of the problems.  But they were relatively easy fixes, and I’m now happy with them.

Here’s how I constructed the drawers.  There ARE better ways, but this is what I used and hopefully they will prove to hold up over time.

I used a scrap piece of plywood under it so I knew I had a flat surface.

Dry fit all pieces together, with bottom in at the bottom...of course. Loosely clamp.

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Pretty in Pink {PB Knock Off bed} Day 2

I have learned two things about myself since I have taken up woodworking:

1) I procrastinate if I am not sure about how to proceed during a project.  Using the router and doing a routered-edge face frame has caused some procrastination during this build.  I find other things that MUST be done instead.  Like vacuuming refrigerator coils.

2) I am more comfortable building in a 30 degree garage than an 80 degree garage.  This is huge!  I am normally freezing (even inside) from November until May every year.  I was surprised this winter when I was able to work out there and not freeze–as long as I had my hearing protection on.  Even when I wasn’t using power tools, I was wearing my attractive, green hearing protection.  Guess what?  It makes my head want to implode in 80 degree weather.

But the procrastination due to the router and face frame is over!  Here are some progress pictures:

Bed frame carcass completed

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Pretty in Pink {PB Knock Off bed} Day 1

I am excited with how much I got done on the first day!

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Pretty in Pink: {PB Knock-off bed} The Plans

Happy Independence Day!!  I hope you are enjoying this holiday.

So this is how I roll.  I decide I want to do something.  Then I research it to death.  Find some inspiration and instruction and maybe a plan and then decide that if I change it just a little, it would be perfect. Hence, it becomes more tricky to execute and I feel unsure about it.  So I ponder, and plan, and sketch it out to death.  And then I eventually do it.  I’m at the “do it” part.

I have spent HOURS modifying the plans that Ana White has already drawn up.  She has knock off plans for the Pottery Barn Stratton Bed.  And hers are good plans.  I’m sure I would be very happy with that bed if I built it.  But look closely at the PB version–the extra details are lovely and I really, really want them.  Routed edges.  Extra trim on the end boxes.  Higher bottom trim.  And so began the modifications.

And this is where I’m at.  I’ve even got the drawers drawn up, but I’m not including those because the dimensions will likely change from the drawing.  I’ll wait until the frames are built before I finalize them.

**Disclaimer!!!  I include my drawings as a way to see my planning process, not as directions!  I would feel SO bad if I caused someone to have to by another sheet of plywood because the cut was wrong!  I double check as I go, and often will have to make corrections during a build that are not necessarily changed on the sketches.  I recommend using Ana’s plans and figuring out what you need to change with sketches of your own.   In the process you will understand your build far better before you even cut the first board.

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