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Scrap lumber project for small animal friends

First I want to apologize for this post being sent prematurely several days ago.  I have no idea what happened–I started writing up the post, left the computer for a bit, came back to finish it, and discovered it was published.  So sorry about that–and it was blank at the time it was published as well!

I had some time recently and I needed to solve a little problem…the little problem is a Netherland dwarf rabbit named Annie.  She recently moved from the basement to the dining-room-we-never-eat-in-that-is-scheduled-to-become-an-office-in-the-near-future.  Her cage needed prettied up. A lot.

So today I added a new house.  All scraps, so it was totally free!

I actually started out just wanting a box to contain the corn cob litter we use.  It started out like this:

I even fancied it up with the small strips of 1/4″ plywood.

I didn’t have a tall enough piece of 3/4″ plywood, so I had to piece some together.

But then I got the idea of putting a roof on, and it took off from there. Read More…


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