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The $20 (Or Not) Storage Closet Door Post 4: The Reveal

Here is the final result of the storage closet door.  The closet still needs a lot of work, but the storage door has helped!  I am not going to make one for the other side.  This unit makes the door pretty heavy and it isn’t the easiest to get into because of the carpet.  It is perfect for one side–storage on one side, easy in and out on the other side.  I would do it again:

I think everyone has a spot for one of these in their house.  It could be modified to fit any door and modified for as many shelves as you would need!  What do you think?  Got a spot for one in your house?

**UPDATE–January 30, 2012**  We removed the casters from the bottom of this just yesterday and the door opens SO much easier.  I would invest in some high quality casters and not the cheap ones I bought if you are going to use these.  Without the casters I am only putting light things (stuffed animals) in this.  If  you are using it for heavier items, I would use the casters but make sure they readily turn.  The casters I had did not want to turn as the door moved and they dragged on the carpet instead.  Also, the overall height of your unit will depend on the height of your casters, so buy them first if you are going to use them.  I still love this though!

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The $20 (Or Not) Storage Closet Door Post 3: The OOPS post

Ok, so it was my first attempt at building.  Ana provided me with a great plan and idea for my own house, but let’s face it people, she can’t hold my hand while I fumble through the process.  It was a good thing this was out of sight–I did Read More…

The $20 (Or Not) Storage Closet Door Post 2

Ana’s plans for the storage closet doors involve bi-fold doors in a room with hardwood floors.  If you have this type of door, you should check out what she did.  The door I will be putting this on is a regular door in a room with carpet. Ana uses 1 1/4″ casters, which probably work very well on her smooth floor.  I thought the number associated with the casters had to do with the size of the caster NOT the height–and this is an important oversight.  If you use bigger casters on your carpet (which would be wise) you need to modify the height of Read More…

The $20 (Or Not) Storage Closet Door Post 1: Cost of supplies

Have you ever read The $64 Tomato by William Alexander?  Great book if you are a gardener, and as I was buying the supplies to get started in woodworking, it reminded me of this book.  Alexander started adding up what he spent to produce the one tomato he got out of his garden and figured it cost him $64 for that tomato.  Well this storage closet door cost me $177. Read More…


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