Cut plywood with a circular saw

Circular saws can be intimidating if you have never used one before.  Here are some posts I wrote on my journey to learning to cut plywood with a circular saw (which was previously a tool that scared me).

Cutting plywood post 1 (options for cutting surfaces, info on straight edge jigs)

Cutting plywood post 2 (assembling straight edge jigs)

Cutting plywood post 3 (the set-up I used, how it went, mistakes to avoid)

3 responses to “Cut plywood with a circular saw”

  1. Smart Cutter (@MyCSharpCorner) says :

    There is this iPhone/iPad app called “Smart Cutter” that runs an optimization algorithm to find the maximum number of small pieces cut from a larger sheet of paper with minimum scrap.

    Here is a video about it:

    The app can be found here:


  2. Smart Cutter (@MyCSharpCorner) says :

    There are a couple of more cut optimization apps specifically geared towards carpenters and woodworkers the are:

    Carpenter Pro: For multiple plywood stock sheets with wood grain control capability & kerf allowance:

    Carpenter Cut: For single plywood stock sheet with kerf allowance:

    Both work for iPhone & iPad.


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