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DIY Geometric Painting

I’m not big on store bought art for my walls.  If I do purchase something, I like for it to come from a person and not a machine–or at least have some meaning if it comes from a machine.  We have bought art while on anniversary trips and family vacations that we treat as souvenirs.  Some of my favorite art on my walls came from my mom’s camera–I sent her out with some 35mm film (back in the days before digital!) and I printed it in black and white.  She came back with photos from a barn near the house I grew up in–you can see those in this DIY wall art post.  This time I’m the one who is creating the art and it’s going in the kids’ bathroom.

DIY Geometric Painting

I was inspired by this quilt I saw on Pinterest.

Being the pack rat that I am, I already had this canvas sitting waiting just for this moment.  It was just under 20×24, so I drew 4″ squares–6 across and 5 down. Read More…

Painting the dining room table Post 1: Before

One of the first things that I saw when I went to My Man’s apartment for the first time was this dining room table:

I was impressed that this single guy had such a nice table.  It was a good first impression–it got me past the weight set in the living room (which also contained a Halloween orange sectional couch) and the racing bike that leaned against a wall next to this table.  That was 18 years ago.  The table is looking a little lot worn all these years later.  It is at the “I’m embarrassed” by the table stage now.  I’d love to replace it with a new one, but that’s further down the list of things we are going to spend money on right now.

I had such success with the General Finishes stain and topcoat on the leaning wall shelves project, that I’m going to use their milk paint for this one.  I chose their lamp black for the main color, and to give it some dimension I’m going to distress and glaze with General Finishes Red Sienna glaze.  And since I know that the table will have to withstand a lot of use, I’m going to seal it with General Finishes High Performance Water-Based Topcoat in satin.  I sound like a General Finishes advertisement!  I just loved the stain and topcoat on my other project–hope I am just as satisfied with this one.

I’d like to finish this before Christmas. Did I say that out loud??  What am I thinking…

Leaning Wall Shelves Part 9: The Reveal!

The last post in this series–the leaning wall shelves are done! I couldn’t help staging them in other parts of my house before they went where they were built for:

Read More…


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