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How to wrap a necklace and have it stay in place

I am having a really hard time getting into gear this morning.  I need to clean.  Wrap.  Cook, and possibly bake a little bit as well.  Instead I am pinning and now composing a blog post.  Oh well, this one is a short one…

We bought My Man’s grandmother a necklace for Christmas  and I think she will really like it.  But as I was putting it in a box to wrap it, it kept pooling in one end of the box.  I wanted there to be impact when she opened it, not  her fumbling around untangling it before she could even see what it looked like!  So I made a little something to hold it in place.  It was so cheap and easy, and it worked perfectly!

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DIY ribbon bow

Aaaahhh!  Only days left until Christmas is here!  I waited too long to get going on the Christmas preparations.  But it will all get done.   Right??  (Just say yes…even if you don’t believe it)…

I was wrapping presents the other day and I realized I didn’t buy any bows in the clearance sales from last year like I normally do.  And I didn’t have my usual curling ribbon or fabric ribbon in Christmas colors either.  You know how I dislike leaving the house when I haven’t planned to…so the DIY wheels were turning.  You also know that I am a pack rat!  It rescued me on this occasion, for once.  I have a shoe box of the velvety red ribbon I bought a LONG time ago and I have this really nice ribbon I got from a fund raiser packet of wrapping paper and bows a LONG time ago (anyone else hoard the really nice stuff for a really nice occasion?  I do it with fabric, food, too many things!).  The “I can make that” thought made an appearance.

Here’s the original really nice bow from the fundraiser:

You pull each loop out and then pull the next. They pop up really nice and full. Sorry, keeping this as a reminder so I didn't fluff it up for you!

Here’s my fluffed up version with the velvety ribbon:

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